Lexus Executives Discuss Possible New Models

Lexus Potential New Models

A new article from Automotive News has plenty of interesting details on Lexus’ future plans — first off, here’s what they had to say about some potential new models:

[Global head of product planning and marketing Karl] Schlicht said the CT 200h, which arrived last summer, is ripe for new variants and that the brand also needs a sporty coupe. Meanwhile, his team is still weighing the launch of a seven-seat, car-based crossover, after years of study and several concepts.

Lexus previewed its future coupes with the LF-LC hybrid concept shown at the Detroit show. Schlicht put the price range of a possible production version between $100,000 and $130,000.

But there is ample room for other coupes below that, executives say.

In addition to a production model based on the LF-LC concept, coupe versions of the next-gen IS & GS should be front and center in Lexus’ plans — both would fit in perfectly in an expanded lineup.

New versions of the CT makes for an interesting puzzle. For a brief moment, I had visions of a CT coupe, but I would think something like the Prius V is much more likely — though this may just be about more engine choices (and perhaps even a plug-in hybrid?).

As for a large crossover, I have to think that the big issue has always been about cannibalizing RX sales, but at this point, that has to be preferable to potential customers leaving for another brand that offers a crossover with seven seats.

More quotes:

Lexus will launch nine new or updated models this year, plus three F-Sport variations, Templin said. The rollout includes the redesign of four of Lexus’ core sedan lines, starting with the GS 350 and GS 450h sport sedans arriving in February, followed by reworked versions of the ES 350, IS 250 and 350 and LS 460 and 600h. The LX SUV will also be refreshed this year.

Just before the end of last year, I had attempted to put together a list of these “nine all-new or updated vehicles”, and got hung up on whether F SPORT packages would count towards the total — with this cleared up, it’s time to take a guess at figuring out what these three F SPORT models will be.

Obviously, there’s the already announced GS F SPORT, but the other two are a little less clear. It was previously rumored that the RX & LS would be next in line for F SPORT packages, and I’m thinking this is right on the money:

  • The RX is almost certainly one of the nine models to be refreshed in 2012, and a F SPORT model would be a great way to bring another audience to Lexus’ best selling model.
  • The LS, which also appears to be another of “the nine”, has already been released with a LS Sport package, which could have been called the LS F SPORT. The next-generation of the flagship sedan could easily build on that.

One final quote I want to pull from the article:

First on the chopping block may be the HS. Sales of the hybrid, which was introduced in 2009, plunged 73 percent to 2,864 units last year.

“It’s a car that doesn’t necessarily fit the long-term needs of the brand in the U.S.,” said Jim Lentz, president of Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A.

Also watch for a shift toward unibody crossovers, from frame-based SUVs such as the LX and GX. Today’s car-based trucks have sufficient towing power and don’t need the heavy frames, Lentz said.

The HS was the only Lexus model that wasn’t on display at the Detroit Auto Show, and I’d say that speaks volumes about its future — the CT 200h has all but replaced it in the lineup, and that’s discounting the eventual introduction of an ES hybrid.

Read the full story over at Automotive News


  1. Lexus defiantly needs an IS and GS coupe! ... as for CT variants I hope they mean more engine choices!!! The CT is just begging to become a hot hatch. 
  2. This is quite good.. So are the IS & ES just gonna have a refresh or a completley new model?
  3. COUPES! If Lexus can build a better-performing SUV with a unibody frame and full independent suspensions like Land Rover's Range Rover, then I have no problem with that. It is, after all, 2012!
  4. unibody is music to my ears thats exactly what lexus needs to do
  5. What about a CT crossover? Like a miniaturized RX to go head to head with the BMW X1.
  6. Will a CTX suv affect the sales of the RX? It's crazy to think that tje current gen IS are 7yrs old! They're still so damn modern!
  7. Lexus will launch nine new or updated models this year, plus three F-Sport variations, Templin said.  1) GS, ES, IS, LS, LX, RX, CX Compact SUV, 7-Seat SUV, ??2) GS350, GS450h, ES350, ESh, IS250, ISh, LS460, LS600h, LX
  8. Oh, this one for sure: GS350, GS450h, ES350, ESh, IS250, ISh, LS460, LS600h, LX570 The RX is due for a refresh next year.
  9. In my opinion we need a compact SUV more than anything. 2 door coupe would be close second on the list and in my opinion a 200hp CT-F should also be considered. I really don't beleive a third 7+ passenger vehicle is needed. A smaller SUV is good enough and even though it might affect the RX sales a bit the combination of both would make it the best SUV duo in the market by far.
    • If you have the European market in mind than yes - i guess a small SUV makes sence for Europe and Lexus. But for the US market Lexus needs the - let´s call it the "7-seater RX". Many people are waiting for this model...
    • yepp, like the currant Range Rover Evoque.  It sale like hot cakes here in europe. greetings from swiss
  10. HS250h has already been discontinued in Canada for 2012
  11. Future looks good for Lexus, especially if it adds more 2-doors to the lineup!
  12. so CT will have a Sedan , Coupe , SUV , Cabriolet variants with the hatchback IS will got again the sportcross with a true coupe , true cabriolet with the sedan version and may be a SUV AKA IX GS will got a coupe and may be a cabriolet and may be the next GX will be unibody as an ML LS will have a coupe version with the sedan as a competitor to SL AKA LC also with the next LX to go on the same wheel base as a true Range Rover , Q7 competitor all CT , IS , GS , LS will be sporty , left the ES as the true front wheel luxury  SC will be just 2 seats Coupe for now LFA will have a new generation but will not be sold in a fixed quantity and will got a cabriolet variant so lexus line up will have 1- Hatch-Back (CT) -DONE 1-Estate(IS sport-cross) -A LOT OF INSIDER SAID IT WILL BE SOLID TRUE WITH HYBRID VARIANT 5-Sedan (CT sedan,IS,GS,LS &ES) -NOTHING NEW IN THAT AND IT'S CLEAR THERE WILL BE A SEDAN VARIANT OF THE CT AKA CS 6-Coupe (CT coupe,IS coupe=IC,GS coupe=GC,LS coupe=LC,SC coupe&LFA coupe) -THE ONLY SOLID WE HAVE IS LFA & IS COUPE -THE ONLY SOLID RUMORED ARE GS COUPE & SC -THE CT COUPE IS A MUST SPECIALLY IN EUROPE  -THE LC IS A TOTAL MUST AS A CL COMPETITOR WILL BE MORE THAN WELCOMED  4-Cabriolet(CT cabriolet,IS cabriolet,SC cabriolet&LFA cabriolet) -THE ONLY SOLID CONFIRMATION IS THE IS CABRIOLET -THE CT CABRIOLET IS A MUST IF LEXUS WANT TO BE BETTER IN EUROPE -THE SC AND LFA NO DOUBT IF THEY GOT THAT VARIANT THE SALES MAY DOUBLE OFF-COURSE IF THE PRICES IS CORRECT 5-Uni-body SUV(CT based CX,IS based IX,GS based GX,LS based LX&ES based RX) -I THINK WITH THOSE CATEGORIES OF THE SUV'S LEXUS WILL COMPETE WELL WITH BMW OR AUDI OR RANGE-ROVER FROM THE CX EVOQUE COMPETITOR TO THE LX RANGE-ROVER COMPETITOR , WITH THE GX AS LR COMPETITOR , IX WITH X3 ALIKE COMPETITOR , SO WHAT WILL BE THE RX ROLE "MAY BE THE X6 COMPETITOR"  CX=TOYOTA RAV-4 RX=TOYOTA HIGHLANDER/VENZA
  13. I think any small Lexus SUV will be based off the new Rav4, not the CT. It's not a coincidence that the Rav4 is getting redone, and a compact Lexus SUV will follow next year BD
  14. GS350 GS450h LX570 ES300h ES350 RX350 RX450h LS460 LS600h 9 new or updated models this year.