Next-Generation Lexus ES Rumors

Lexus ES 350

Some interesting rumors about the next-generation Lexus ES have come from an unlikely source — GM Authority has reportedly talked with “a well connected auto industry executive” who claims that the new ES will make the Buick LaCrosse “laughable” as a luxury car.

Some other details:

  • The next-gen ES will be wider and longer than the current model, which is nearly seven inches shorter than the LaCrosse. In that regard, the Lexus will be catching up to the Buick. But…
  • The next-gen ES will be the quietest car Lexus has ever made — something Buick’s Quiet Tuning won’t be able to “hold a candle to”. And then there was this…
  • The next-gen ES will offer Hybrid Synergy Drive full-hybrid technology and achieve fuel economy in the high 40s on the highway and even better in the city. “The eAssist stuff won’t even come close”.

Each one of these points sounds entirely plausible, and makes for an interesting thought — if the new ES is set to grow in size and become the quietest Lexus ever made, just imagine what Lexus has planned for the next-generation LS.

(One other thing I’ve heard repeatably about the new ES is that it has a “stunning” exterior design.)

[Source: GM Authority]


  1. Thank you for sharing your articles, I hope you have an interesting and creative new year.
  2. the next LS must not be quietest than the out going but more sporty as the way of what they start with GS  if that rumors true then am afraid the next ES will be more bloated than the outgoing and they do made a crime to the next generation AVALON which is supposed to be in charge of that and if they designed it better than the GS then they do a crime to the GS for the most perfect design must be for the RWD not the FWD one really may begin to hate TOYOTA for that ES it harm both LEXUS & TOYOTA
  3. Will next ES still based on the current Camry or based on the Avalon ? As Camry keep size but improved interior space by expend the cabin slightly & chop the back side of the front seat (which I think it's very very clever) . Quietest ... this one , can Lexus made a car that Quiet inside but slightly sporty engine note on outside ? Also , can it design with slightly sporty exterior too ? Not too much , just slightly more sporty than the current one , both interior & exterior .
    • The Avalon, Camry and ES are all built on the same platform -- but what's interesting is that the Avalon is five inches longer, so you might be on to something. As for quiet inside, loud outside, I'd say the GS did a good job of that, but I don't think that's going to be on the plate for the new ES.
    • I love how Toyota could make so many DIFFERENT cars out of the same platform (and there's also the many other platforms that are based on the Camry's!)!
  4. Makes sense to me. Lexus is probably going to move the ES upmarket to make more room for the HS on the entry level.
    • I'm not sure the HS is in Lexus' long term plans, at least in North America.
    • Upmarket nevertheless though. That's all the ES has been doing since 1989 and especially after the IS was introduced. And now, with the CTh, both the IS and ES will get a chance to move up! If one were to ignore inflation, the price hike is relatively small for these cars over the past few generations.
  5. This is a highly important car that needs to appeal to the masses & doesn't allienate any current ES or other Lexus owners.If they don't continue selling it & the RX in high volumes,then there would ceise to be any funding for any enthusiast vehicles from Lexus in the future.It's far more important that these vehicles appeal to everybody else rather than just a few of us for this reason.I have total confidence in Lexus & though I despise bean counters for destroying Toyota's sporty image,with bread & butter vehicles like this,I'm thankful for them so more $$$ may be generated for more sporty cars down the road which is sure to happen with Akio in charge.My only hope is that Toyoda san & the rest of Japan can get a break from so many misfortunes as of late.
    • so please Brad or any one hear see my Question what is the purpose of the AVALON?
    • The Avalon is a Toyota. If one can't distinguish the difference between the Cmary/Avalon and the ES, then one must also consider the extra treatment Lexus owners receive, such as better dealers (most of the time), better services, and a longer vehicle lifespan while maintaining the luxurious ride.
    • i know what i am talking about is the next generation AVALON that one , which all dealers saw it  and a lot of them do said that it had A7/XJ lines and will be a lot more upscale
    • I haven't seen any spy shots of the next gen Avalon. I'm just waiting for Toyota to kill that nameplate and just let the Camry be the flagship sedan for the US operation.
    • aha That's great! That means Lexus vehicles have to be EVEN better!
    • I don't think a bigger ES would alienate any customers. The ES's biggest competitor other than the LaCrosse, the Acura TL grew like 6 inches, so an Avalon based ES wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.  @twitter-215045438:disqus  The Avalon appeals to a different clientele than the ES primarily because the Avalon cost a few grand less. I would imagine that if the ES were to grow to Avalon size the price would grow as well. If Lexus doesn't axe the HS, They'll probably move it up to ES size for it's next gen.
    • but the next generation AVALON is said to be a sporty 4 doors coupe take a line from both AUDI A7 & JAGUAR XJ so that make it in the same category as the new supposed ES
    • Avalon will probably remain a big sedan to compete with the Genesis and Equus. I don't see it ever becoming a 4 door Coupe.
    • Umm. That Avalon is already out on our market and looks nothing like an A7 or XJ and I rarely see an Avalon on the streets nowadays. In my eyes, the Avalon is redundant because I know it's a Camry based vehicle along with the ES, only one engine option, and has about the same features as the ES minus a few exclusive feature reserved for the Lexus brand. I don't think that Toyota should line up three Camry based vehicle side by side (Camry, Avalon and the ES.) That was one reason why Toyota discontinue the Cressida in the US market because it overlaps with Lexus introduction of the GS at that time.
    • The 2013 Avalon isn't out yet. (=
    • wow you are the first one that agree with my view thanks a lot
    • Trust me on this. If it's the link that you posted for the next gen Avalon, it's not sporty or stylish. For some reason it just reminds me of a Crown Vic up front. Toyota did a heavy restyle on the 3rd generation and almost called it a 4th generation vehicle until a few others and myself pointed that out to Toyota that it was a heavy facelift.
    • the link just have 2011 photo but it is all about the next generation 2013 AVALON
  6. I doubt they will go up in size because all along the ES line up has been using Camry chassis.... and the new Camry as I recall did not go up in size as compared with the previous gen.  In fact they are a bit shorter if I remember correctly?   I think they need to add a AWD options as well as a hybrid model preferably V6 engine based hybrid drivetrain....
    • I did some brief research, and it appears the Camry and Avalon share the same platform, and the Avalon is approx. five inches longer. So, I guess it's possible...
    • Perhaps more than overall length, wheelbase is key here. The new and previous Camry, as well as the current Lexus ES share a 109.3" wheelbase. Avalon's is 1.7" longer, at an even 111". Varying overhang and bumper shapes make the outgoing Lexus ES 2.5" longer than the newest Camry (191.7" vs 189.2", respectively), with the Avalon at 197.6" (almost 6" longer than the ES and 8.4" longer than the Camry) Might the upcoming 6th-generation Lexus ES ride on the Avalon wheelbase or even one a smidge longer? Lord knows, but bear in mind that the ES is Lexus' best-selling vehicle in China (and in the top 5 luxury sedans in sales there, as reported in an earlier story here), and that the Chinese place a premium on roomy back seats for their chauffeur-driven luxury cars (witness the China-only long-wheelbase versions of Audi A4 and A6, BMW 5-Series and Mercedes E-Class). Yet, when I asked about this for the new Lexus GS at their press preview, I was told that a LWB GS was NOT in the cards. Nothing was said about the ES, though, and given that the ES vastly outsells the GS in China, plus the fact that it's easier and cheaper to make short and long wheelbase variants of FWD platforms than it is RWD ones, I wouldn't be particularly surprised if you see Lexus optimize rear-seat room in the next ES.
    • Edit. I just typed the wrong reply. Here is my correct one to you aha: The current ES is pretty much the same as the previous ES, so the sleeker body actually just made the interior tighter (something the new 5er has experienced if I remember correctly). This change to the interior was mentioned in one of the videos that Lexus USA had for the ES on
  7. They really have to overhaul the ES. Has to be the ugliest sibling in the Lexus line up. 
    • Its my understanding that the new ES could easily pass for a completely new model and is much sportier then the current car.  Got this info from a GM who attended the Dealer meeting in Vegas last month
    • That's the impression I've gotten as well.
    • The pre-update 2007-2009 ES is certainly starting to show its age, but the current model is still a great looking car in my opinion. The only thing that lets it down is the giant FWD nose.
    • I wouldn't call it ugly. If you look closely at the ES in person, there's so many beautiful concave and convex curves that are beautifully subtle at first. The grille has a lot of dimensions, and the new chrome accents in the interior really help keep the inside fresh. Of course, there are a few things that aren't very modern, such as the green lights for the interior buttons and the wood that doesn't match other Lexus models. That front overhang is long for sure. It's similar to my 98 LS while visibility is considerably worse.
    • There's just so many curves that go unnoticed at first, and even this picture won't capture it all: I especially love that concave curve that starts at the headlights, streaks across the shoulder line, and ends in the back. This is the part of the LF-S concept that the outgoing GS didn't get. (And the HSh has a little bit of it up front.) There are so many curves and sharp lines here that just work better and are more interesting than the Infiniti G: And that sleek yet aggressive rear that Hyundai copied:
    • Yeah the rear and rear quarter of the ES350 is pure class.. Fastback profile at its finest.. 
  8. "fuel economy in the high 40s on the highway and even better in the city"? I highly doubt that, considering that the Camry Hybrid LE only gets barely over 40mpg and that the ES hybrid is bound to be at least 100-200lbs heavier with all the extra amenities and sound deadening. Nevertheless, I'm glad that Lexus keeps the new ES from having any sporting intention and stay true to being a true luxury cruiser. We have enough "sports sedans" on the market already and the ES will cater nicely to the non-enthusiast crowd.
    • On the second thought, the only possible way I can think of for the ES Hybrid to get better mileage than the Camry Hybrid is to use Li-ion batteries instead to increase energy capacity within the same packaging size. I certainly hope that to be the case, seeing how the Prius Alpha and Prius Plug-in both received the Li-ion batteries already.
  9. WOOT! The world has finally caught up to Lexus. Now it's time for Lexus to feasibly jump to infinity and beyond!
  10. The new ES and Camry will share the same powertrain, so mileage will be rated around the 40 MPG mark which is great when you consider my CT200h is rated at 42 with a dismal HP output
  11. F1

    The ES is an amazing car.. Making it the quietest and quieter then the current model  is truly extravagance..  And i like the design of the current one.. Cannot wait and see what trick Lexus has up their sleeves with the next gen ES..
    • I agree. The current ES is a very specialcar... built so well and its one of the most smooth and elegant cars I've ever been in. But you would never know just buy looking at the car. It really is something special. Its a real gem in sheep clothing
  12. One complaint about the current ES. Besides the usual drawbacks of FWD cars, the ES steering is pretty heavy and doesn't exactly point straight forward. I don't know... there's something about these modern Lexus. Could the outsourcing of parts manufacturing be a reason to the flaws?
    • Torque steer? But I doubt you'll see torque steer at less then 300HP
    • Oh then you don't know me! I like to floor the pedal a lot. hehe But yeah. It's not that bad. The steering wheel goes back after the initial nudge. I get torque steer in my LX 470 too!
  13. Sounds good !  This car is all about smooth opreation and luxury. I dont expect anything less !
  14. Jay

    Gas Mileage in the 40 MPG Range +++ Stunning Exterior Styling +++ Larger Demensions... I'm not so sure on this one. I think the current ES is just the right size, Lexus just needs to focus on a design that will turn heads. The current ES looks elegant, but lacks a sport sedan presence. Would be wonderful if Lexus made an F Sport Variant for the ES. I also hope the next gen ES will have a matching stunning interior design. IMO that's the weakest point of the current ES. While materials quality and fit and finish are great, the interior design looks more like a well equipped family sedan instead of an entry level luxury car. There needs to be more wood trim overall. The current ES only has a little sliver of wood around the power window switches and the lower portion of the dashboard. The leather also feels very thin and not as plush as they could be, especially the side bolsterings in the front seats. And finally please put some leather on the door panels instead of only on the door armrests. I had an 05 XLE V6 Camry which had leather trimmed doors, it's amazing how a simple thing like that can make a car feel so plush and luxurious for a family sedan. Anyhoo all this news is very exciting, can't wait to see first official images of the new ES.
  15. Jay

    Just imagining an F Sport Variant of the ES... my wishlist would include:  - Spindle Lexus grille  - Slightly stiffened suspension  - Slightly heavier steering effort  - 10 hp boost  - Different front bumpers with larger air intake vents  - LED headlights and taillights  - Slight hood bulge  - 19' inch wheels with a design similar to the original IS-F ... thats all I've got for now. Any other suggestions?
  16. Jay

    Just imagining an F Sport Variant of the ES... my wishlist would include:  - Spindle Lexus grille  - Slightly stiffened suspension  - Slightly heavier steering effort  - 10 hp boost  - Different front bumpers with larger air intake vents  - LED headlights and taillights  - Slight hood bulge  - 19' inch wheels with a design similar to the original IS-F ... thats all I've got for now. Any other suggestions?
  17. You say the next ES will have a "stunning" exterior design.  If what you mean by stunning is similar to the new GS, then it is going to be as bland as the 2013 GS or as any new lexus.  They should come up with designs like Hyundai and Kia.  Those guys really know what the customers want. I think I'll have to change my name to  Hyundai/Kia fan until someone at Lexus start designing beautiful cars not just regular bland cars.       
  18. Is there any chance ( or news ) that the 2013 Lexus ES will be offered in an "all wheel" version similar to the GS?
  19. The Buick Lacross is ALREADY LAUGHABLE, as luxury car. It's quite horrible.
  20. Any body that compares the bloated Lacrosse with the ES is off the mark. Build and ride quality? Not even close to the ES, the 2013 ES is going to blow all the wannabees (Sonata, Buick, VW) out of the water.  If you look at these vehicles they are nothing more than a knock off of the ES.
  21. I heard that the next gen ES will have a lot of features taken from the LS, so the above is quite possible. Compare the ES to a Kia?, oh please,  yeah the Kia has a nice design, but have you actually driven one?  I believe there are some domestic 'plants' on  this site. GM, Ford and Chrysler offer a nice 'outer package', but the build quality is still lacking, simply because they refuse to invest the extra dollars in high quality materials, so they give you the 'bling', with no substance, same  for Kia and the other wannabees.  The ES is ugly?. Well, to each its own, the ES IMO is a beautiful well executed car, with class and elegance. 
  22. The all new 2012 Camry is noisier than previous Camrys and has a cheaper looking and feeling interior (except for the dash cover) so I expect the ES will be noisier and cheaper inside too. All Asian carmakers are going the cheap, noisy route.  Detroit is making richer and quieter interiors, but mechanically Detroit cars are still inferior to the Asians just like the Europeans are. So we're stuck with the lesser of three evils: fairly reliable, but cheap and noisy Asian cars.