Lexus Fashion Workshop Announced

A new initiative called the Lexus Fashion Workshop was unveiled last week, with Lexus bringing together four designers to create fashion pieces out of CT 200h parts — here’s a quick video explanation:

Predictably, the results are over the top:

Some descriptions of each, from the Lexus press release:

Environmental Crown of Virtue – A truly head-turning piece designed by Moss Lipow using a transmission starter and exhaust manifold gasket.

The Valve Collection – Designed by jewelry creator Eddie Borgo using valve lifters, crank bearings and hose clamps.

Nomadic Sanctuary – A sleek trench coat, shorts and clutch designed by John Patrick, featuring floor mats made from plant-based plastic, sustainable sound-dampening material, wire harness, leather seat covers and cargo covers.

The Luna Shoe — Created by Alejandro Ingelmo using armrest leather trim and clear plastic tubing.

The four pieces will be used in a six-page advertisement in January’s Vogue, and will be featured individually in videos on the Lexus Youtube page (the first one is here.)

Read more about the Lexus Fashion Workshop

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  • December 5, 2011
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