Drive the Next-Generation Lexus GS in Las Vegas!

Lexus GS 2013

Do you live close to Las Vegas? How would you you like to drive all three versions of the next-generation 2013 Lexus GS, along with its main competitors like the BMW 535i & Mercedes 350 Sport?

Pardon my hokiness, but I have two invitations to give away for a test drive event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Friday, December 9th, and if you answered YES to the above questions, you’re more than welcome to put your name in the hat for a chance to win.

A couple quick details:

  • This event is in partnership with Automobile Magazine, and the invites are courtesy of Lexus.
  • The invite is good for one session, which runs forty-five minutes.
  • Attendees must provide their own transportation to Vegas, and any lodging if they intend to stay overnight.
  • Winners will be chosen this Thursday, December 3rd 1st, at 6:30PM EST.

If you’re interested, simply leave a comment below using your correct email address (also, please include where you live) — regular readers will be given first priority, but everyone is welcome to enter.

Update: The “contest” is now closed, and winners will be contacted. Thanks to everyone that entered!


  1. Sure! Sign me up. - Lexington, KY.
  2. incredible offer!!!!
  3. hell yeah!!! (Hercules, Ca) woohoo
  4. Updated the post with information on session length..
  5. I'd love to enter, but it's close to my finals, so I won't be selfish but be smart instead. Thank you so much for sharing Krew! You guys have fun! Be sure to come back and share your experiences with us!
  6. Sign me up too....   Las Vegas, NV  
  7. Fantastic way to Market----drive and compare the competition all at once----LEXUS needs to do this all over the country. The dealerships should begin this strategy before Hundai does.....what a way to go....this will show and convince the public why the LEXUS is better.
  8. I'm a lexus enthusiast and auto enthusiast to the max! Sign me up!  John Gagliardo
  9. I'm also from Chicago, but I can fly at the flip of a hat!
  10. Damn it! I am in Japan that day. Otherwise I would love to drive all three cars FAST on the speedway.
  11. I actually live in Vegas!!! Sign me up please!! John Estrella I am on The Lexus Enthusiast on a day to day basis.
  12. I'm obsessed with this site and on it every day!! My first car was a Lexus and I still drive one today.  I love Lexus!!  I live in Bakersfield but will be in Las Vegas for the rodeo that weekend.  You have to pick me!! Dallas Griffin
  13. Holiday greetings Krew. The revamped site is looking great. I would be very pleased to represent Lexus of Tucson at the event. Great opportunity. Tucson, AZ
  14. This is a dream oppertunity! Have been waiting for the new GS, might be my next purchase, alrieady have had a older GS and now a RX.  Can't wait! Live in Bakersfield and will be in Vegas that weekend. Just waiting to drive!
  15. Ken Vaillancourt, San Diego CA; Sign me up...I own 2nd and 3rd Generation GS. Previously owned ES 300 and LS 430. Family owns Toyota Products: Sequoia, Camry and waiting on new Scion rear wheel venture with suburau. Will bring my HD Sony Camcorder w/HD still's for great pictures to share with my Lexus Enthusiast Family. Also, if picket I can provide free airline flight and hotel for your other guest. Please advise ASAP
  16. ken Vaillancourt e mail:
  17. I drive a E350 currently, would love to drive the Lexus.  Jim Nawrocki Phoenix AZ.  Will be in LV next week and week-end.