Inside Line Reviews the 2013 Lexus GS 450h

2013 Lexus GS 450h at the beach

Much like their Lexus GS 350 F Sport review, Inside Line’s write-up about the GS 450h is an excellent first look at the next-generation hybrid sedan:

The GS 450h continues as a series-parallel hybrid, which means it’s capable of operating in electric-only, gas-only, or a combination of the two modes. Its 286-horsepower 3.5-liter gasoline V6 now uses the Atkinson cycle for greater fuel efficiency.

The result? An estimated 29 city, 34 highway and 31 combined mpg, a colossal improvement over the previous GS hybrid’s numbers (22 city/25 highway/23 combined mpg). Even more impressive is the fact that Lexus claims that the new 2013 Lexus GS 450h will hit 60 mph in 5.6 seconds and carry on to a top speed of 131 mph. It may be more efficient, but it’s certainly not any slower.

This is an improved GS hybrid for sure, if not in pure drivability then in terms of interior quality, design and definitely handling due to the standard-issue adaptive suspension. Lexus isn’t expecting the GS 450h to set the world on fire with sales numbers. It’s guessing that the GS 450h will account for less than 10 percent of the total GS mix.

The jump from the previous model’s 23 mpg average to a 31 mpg average with the new model is astounding, especially when the power penalty is just two horsepower (from 340 hp to 338 hp) — this really changes the character of the GS and makes for a compelling reason for GS 350 owners to upgrade to the hybrid, especially now that the GS 450h will be available in a Standard & Luxury package.

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  1. I thought the MPG would be a little higher.  The RX hybrid is very similar and is a much bigger car... What are the options vs Standard and Luxury package?  
    • That this has better EPA MPG than the RX, with an extra 45HP, is an achievement. It is significantly lighter and more aerodynamic. I'm sure it has better low-rolling resistance tires that aren't SUV grade And it is a couple of years later since the RX was redone, so a new economy trick or two may've been added..... BD
  2. aha Did they switch to the RXh motor?
    • The RX motor is sightly different from the GS/IS motor. The RX doesn't have the D4-S system while all of Toyota/Lexus RWD vehicle has the D4-S which makes more power and torque than their non D4-S counterpart. I also believe that the current GS Hybrid is not running an Atkinson cycle engine where as the new GS Hybrid will be.
    • aha Yeah. That's what I was thinking. Lexus has managed to become more respected for sportiness while removing the V8 option, slightly decreasing the power of the GSh, and offering the GS 250. It'd be nice to see what the car would be like when Lexus starts providing its cars with more power than necessary again!!!
    • Is the new GSh engine a Atkinson Cycle ? Not a regular D-4S engine ?
    • Per what the article stated, the new GS hybrid will feature an Atkinson cycle version of the 2GR-FSE engine and will continue to imploy the D4-S technolog founded on many of Lexus RWD vehicle and the current GS hybrid. The current GSh was only an hybrid system mated to a conventional non-Atkinson cycle motor, the 2GR-FSE. The new GSh will be a hybrid system mated to an Atkinson cycle version of the 2GR-FSE. Only time will tell when the acutally engine spec sheet come out for the updated engine code. It's probably gonna be called the 2GR-FSZE.
  3. A good place to see my sparkling Lexus commentary BD
  4. Max 131 mph?? Wow, that's a bit disapointing..:(