Japanese Lexus GS 350 F Sport Lighting

While the North American Lexus GS 350 F Sport package won’t be equipped with fog lamps, that won’t be the case in other parts of the world — here’s a look at Japanese-spec GS F Sport package:

Lexus GS 350 F Sport Japan Fog Lights

Lexus GS 350 F Sport Japan Fog Lights Side

I was told that the fog-lamp omission in North America was a design decision, and from these photos, I can’t disagree — but in any case, even though I’m surprised to see Lexus choosing form over function when it comes to lighting. I suppose the temptation to mirror the front-end of the LFA was too much to pass up.

(Even more impressive in the above photos are the hybrid LED front headlights equipped on the non-hybrid GS 350 — love it.)

[Source: Response.jp] (Thanks Michael!)


  1. Man... so lucky!
  2. Man... so lucky!!!
  3. I like it without the fogs anyway, but if anyone was to put aftermarket fogs, I'm sure it wont be too sophisticated.
  4. Will the US be getting this interior color option? 
  5. When are we going to get real photos instead of this photoshop stuff.  
  6. This car looks sick !
  7. Dealer-installed accessory? BD
  8. The more i look at this car the more i like it.. Remember that white GS from those Chinese photographers hahaha?
  9. Where can I purchase the OEM fog lights shown on the 350 gs s-sport shown above from? Does anyone know? GKE
  10. This is for the US version of the 350 GS F-Sport GKE