Lexus Reveals GS 250 Horsepower Details

Lexus GS 450h & GS 350 F Sport

Lexus has announced that the GS series — including the GS 250, GS 350 F Sport & GS 450h — will be joined by the LFA Nürburgring Edition for the brand’s display at the Tokyo Motor Show in December.

This announcement was accompanied with a brief chart of the GS’ main specifications, which included one previously unknown horsepower figure:

  GS 450h GS 350 F Sport Ref: GS 250
Length 4,850 mm 4,850 mm 4,850 mm
Width 1,840 mm 1,840 mm 1,840 mm
Height 1,455 mm 1,455 mm 1,455 mm
Wheelbase 2,850 mm 2,850 mm 2,850 mm
Engine type/system 3.5-liter V6 engine
+ motor
3.5-liter V6 engine 2.5-liter V6 engine
Engine output 256 kW (348 PS)*2 234 kW (318 PS)
/6,400 rpm
158 kW (215 PS)
/6,400 rpm
Engine torque 380 N-m (38.7 kgf-m)
/4,800 rpm
260 N-m (26.5 kgf-m)
/3,800 rpm
Transmission Electric continuously
variable transmission
6 Super ECT 6 Super ECT
Tire size Front 235/45R18 235/40R19 235/45R18
Rear 235/45R18 265/35R19 235/45R18
Seating 5 5 5
*1 According to Lexus measurements and targets
*2 Combined maximum output of the engine and motor

Going from the above information, it appears that the GS 250, a 2.5L V6 engine option that will be available in most markets outside North America, will be packing 158 kW/215 PS/212 HP at 6,400 rpm — this represents a jump of eight horsepower if the engine used is the same 4GR-FSE V6 seen in the IS 250.

Update: Turns out that the 4GR-FSE in the non-North American IS 250 has always had 158 kW/215 PS/212 HP — my mistake!

[Source: TMC] (Thanks Flipside909!)