White Lexus GS Photos Show Off New Interior Detail

New Lexus GS in Starfire Pearl

TLE reader Asoka took some photos of a Starfire Pearl Lexus GS 350 AWD at the Orange County Auto Show and a very cool detail with the new sports sedan — first, here’s a quick gallery of photos:

It’s the last photo that requires special attention — if you look closely, there’s an LED strip just below the trim:

Lexus GS LED Strip in Door

Here’s a zoomed-up look:

Lexus GS LED Strip in Door Zoomed up

There was a hint of these LEDs in the GS 450h launch video (skip to :22), but I wrote it off as a video effect:

To some, it might be funny to get excited about some small interior lighting detail, but driving at night is one of my favorite things about the current GS, and it’s great that the new GS looks to improve on that experience.

(Thanks Asoka!)


  1. Finally a closeup!!!
  2. Finally a closeup!!!
  3. White GS , that's the color that I could get ... if I'm rich enough . XD
  4. gorgeous! convincing my mom to get this exact combo haha ;D
  5. its about time lexus got ambient lighting. Every other car in its class has it
  6. Drools at the eye candy!
  7. so much better than those leaked pictures!
  8. Stylish and clean! that's what I like...
  9. Stylish and clean! that's what I like...
  10. I like the LED in the door, but I prefer this lights in red, like in Alfa Romeo 166 TI... this detail was totally awesome.
  11. I don't know about you guys but watching that video gives me chills. Can't wait to be behind the wheel. Ambiant lighting in a luxury car is a very important WOW factor and Lexus seems to be doing a pretty good job at it.
  12. Lexus uses better leather then Rolls-Royce as far as I know.. The most supple and soft leather..
  13. It's nice to see a variety of colors! That silver might be great for press releases with all the flashes and potential scratches/mudges, but it's really generic.
  14. I am really fond of the LED lighting in the door trim----I wanted under dash LED too like the MB has under the dash lip.....more under dash please !   
  15. Been to the dealership and saw the new"Flaxen" interior in person. This color does not match any exterior color. It matches nothing. Now you have only 2 other color options, either gray or black. What sort of choices are these for a car that costs $60,000? Yes, that is the price I was quoted OTD.