Facebook Interview with Lexus GS Chief Engineer Yoshihiko Kanamori

Lexus GS Chief Engineer Yoshihiko Kanamori

As part of the Frankfurt Auto Show, Lexus Europe put out the call on Facebook for questions to ask the GS Chief Engineer, Yoshihiko Kanamori. The resulting interview has now been posted — here’s a sampling:

Sebastian Hoeffelman: I really love the new more sportive design. But how did u manage to make the car more sportive and also more luxury at the same time? It must have been a great challenge to find the right balance these two!

GS Chief Engineer, Yoshihiko Kanamori: Luxury always forms the basis of Lexus cars. However, our aim in designing the new GS was to express sportiness too. Vital to realizing a luxurious yet sporty silhouette was a wide stance, that we achieved through a wider track and wider wheel arches. Also, the spindle grille and the resolute-looking headlamps contribute to achieving an emotional yet sporty front face, which leads the way for the next generation of Lexus cars.

Nadija Kirpa: Hey, Lexus Europe – I’ve got question about the entire design of Lexus – why all forms and shapes become so “sportivly agressive”?

Yoshihiko Kanamori: We know from research that our customers want cars that are dynamic and fun-to-drive. So obviously we wanted these owners to feel excited at the very first glimpse of their new sedan. Here the sporty silhouette and emotional new face make the new GS much more emotional and distinctive than the current model.

These descriptions of the GS really hit the mark, and really capture the key points of the new model — very well put.

One other answer to highlight:

Beytullah Kaya: Will it give the new GS also with an efficient diesel engine? what types of other engines will be available?

Yoshihiko Kanamori: Lexus Hybrid Drive will continue to play the leading role in the future for Lexus. And by enhancing its performance by 20% on the new GS 450h we’ve created a very environmentally conscious car. But without using diesel technology.

A few months back, there was a very emphatic article from Autocar stating that the GS would be offered with a “frugal diesel engine”. At the time, Lexus came out and flatly denied the rumor, and judging from this answer from Kanamori-san, there’s little hope of there ever being a diesel GS.

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