Lexus RX 450h Commercial: Daughter in Revolt

This Lexus RX 450h commercial from the Netherlands takes a funny turn:

If I was her father, I probably wouldn’t be smiling at the end.


  1. Erm ... I couldn't get it , seriously .
  2. Spoiled kid in pubirty!
  3. Mot

    Why bother advertising the RX in Europe?? Spend the big marketing dollars for USA, Canada, Australia where the RX would sell..
    • Pardon me? Are you sure??? Well, because... these are the sales 2010 in The Netherlands: Lexus RX: 486 Volvo XC90: 438 Range Rover: 312 BMW X5: 299 Mercedes M: 269 VW Touareg: 148 Land Rover Discovery: 147 Audi Q7: 146 Jeep Grand Cherokee: 38
  4. haha I still thought it was funny!
  5. I've passed this on to so many -- it just gets funnier the more I watch it, and it's been years already!  Good job, Lexus!  Promote the ones who thought this one up.  Say, what is the girl in the ad doing today?  She's  good!