Lexus LFA Tokyo Special Edition?

Lexus LFA Tokyo Edition

CAR Magazine is reporting that a new Lexus LFA Toyko Edition will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show this winter:

The Lexus LFA Tokyo edition will bring an M3-esque exposed carbon roof and (still hydraulically adjustable) carbon rear spoiler. Presumably this just means the weave is exposed, as the LFA is already made from carbonfibre.

CAR understands the LFA Tokyo will cost about €40k more than a ‘regular’ Lexus LFA.

The exposed carbon fiber look is likely inspired by one of the LFAs that launched the model at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, which makes for a very nice tribute. No word if any other upgrades are included.

One other LFA rumor is also mentioned:

A spider roadster was planned and its carbonfibre construction meant the open-top LFA was nearly as rigid as the coupe. But our sources in Japan have confirmed the roadster LFA has been canned owing to the economic uncertainty in markets around the world.

No surprise here, though I’m not too sure about the reason given — as far as I understand it, part of the LFA sales pitch was that no other LFA variants would be made (meaning no roadsters or convertibles).

[Source: CAR Magazine]


  1. I am of the belief that the 500 LFAs are sold out, and any others are in addition to those 500 units BD
    • That's what I'm thinking too,which means there's a wee contradiction in the LFA Roadster being in "violation" of the promise made to the buyers of the 500 that no more LFAs will be made,but not the Tokyo Motor Show Edition.
    • I'm pretty sure there's still inventory left, and this special edition would likely be coming out of remaining LFAs.
    • Inventory left,you say? Well,then there's every reason to keep buying national lottery tickets! ;-)
  2. Do you suppose the LFA Tokyo edition will be part of the 500 or an additional run? As for the LFA Roadster being canceled:I've been told that the status is that if the response is there,it will be built. Fingers crossed.
  3. I think there is something wrong: One day Lexus says all LFAs are sold out and the owners can be sure that the limit is 500 And then there are a Nürburgring Edition, a Tokyo Editin ... ??? What's that? A stupid joke or what?
  4. The "economy uncertainty" doesn't quite happen to the potential buyers.  This excuse contradicts with the Japanese cultural tradition which highly honors social and communication respect.  
  5. Lexus should make a "Hiromu Naruse LFA Edition".
  6. So ... leaving the Carbon Fiber unpainted will charged more than made it painted ? If I wanted a LFA that doesn't have any Carbon Fiber on it , would they charged me 1m to made it ? :o
  7. Joe

    No special edition.  This is just a specific option and has been available from the start of production.
    • So ... it's basically a regular LFA without paint ?
    • Joe

      mmm, not quite...  I presume that the exterior finish requires some extra layers on top of the raw carbon fibre plastics. About the cost: every customization item is worth extra $ from sales & marketing perspectives. ;-)
    • That's why if this special edition is true, I have to think there's more to it than just the exposed carbon fiber.
  8. 40,000 for less paint lol