Kyle Busch Loses License for Lexus LFA Speeding Ticket

Kyle Busch in Lexus LFAAs you may recall from earlier this year, NASCAR driver Kyle Busch was caught speeding in a Lexus LFA, posting 128mph in a 45mph zone while in North Carolina.

Yesterday, Busch received his punishment after pleading guilty — loss of license for 45 days, $1,000 fine, 30 hours community service, one-year probation, and a suspended 30-day jail sentence, though it will not affect Busch’s participation in NASCAR.

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  2. Exactly what should've happened for going nearly three times the posted limit.
  3. At least I'm still jealous of him, that car will always be only a dream for me, I'll never get one.
  4. Ja,ja,ja,ja. He speeds all the time in a race. But not good on the streets.
  5. I know I'm supposed to condemn his actions,but I just can't bring myself to do it. ;-)