2013 Lexus GS Pebble Beach Event Live Coverage

2013 Lexus GS Party

Welcome to my live coverage of the 2013 Lexus GS official debut in Pebble Beach. I’ll be updating throughout the event — check it out after the jump.

Note: To see the latest updates, you must refresh the page manually — if you want more immediate updates, you can always follow along on Twitter.



  1. Will the new GS have a V8 like the GS460 or no, will a GS-F come alive later in its life.
    • Here it is! Official pics, enjoy   http://youtu.be/TwQE4ilKM_Y
    • No naturally-aspirated V8 like the GS 460 is planned. Lexus plans to replace it entirely with the V6 hybrid. And the GS F might sport a simple V8 instead of a V10 /: I had my hopes so high at one point...
  2. They got you drunk or what ? Where are the pics ???
    • Unfortunately, I experienced some major technical issues while I attending the event -- the new U.S. cellphone I bought (I'm from Canada) just wasn't up to the task. I wish I could have sent more updates, but it was a struggle even getting these through. At least I'll know better for next time!
    • Krew, what happened to your customary neat photography? This is rather sad, did you try to take photos with a cellphone? You used a proper camera for the pictures from Canada.
    • Oh, I have plenty of photos with my real camera (which I'll be posting this weekend), but I was trying to cover the event live -- needless to say, I'm going to need a cellphone upgrade for future events. 
  3. 4-door CTh -_________-
    • sad...i mean its not bad looking, but its not anything ground breaking either. Oh well. Maybe our expectations are just too high every time. :/ On the bright side, Interior looks gorgeous though! :D
    • IT'S LEXUS' FAULT! LOL AHAHAHA They created the hype!!!
    • IT'S LEXUS' FAULT! LOL AHAHAHA They created the hype!!!
    • Seriously, it's the same with every Lexus I've seen since L-Finesse was first used -- you really have to see the car in person before forming any real opinion. As for the CT, the GS does share a family resemblance, but it's not as pronounced as you may think. It's definitely its own car.
    • ahahha Okay Krew (: A few new pictures are starting to change my opinion though! But each GS was always interesting and unique in its own way! One wouldn't confuse the outgoing GS with another Lexus so easily :P
    • That's what I thought.  I really hope that this isn't the direction in styling that they want to go.  As for the rest of the car, it sounds pretty impressive.  Definitely something I'd like to test drive.
    • Just like I said ... even before it's unveiled . XD
    • LOL I remember how a lot of people were making these photochops with the CTh... I can't believe how much of a reality that was! :P
  4. Pics of the new GS on www.netcarshow.com
  5. KREW! You're getting spoiled!!! Hopefully your hotel and plane ride wasn't much to brag about! x)
  6. KREW! You're getting spoiled!!! Hopefully your hotel and plane ride wasn't much to brag about! x)
  7. going back with LFA?!?!
    • Yeah -- it was my first time in the LFA on public roads, and it's crazy the attention this car gets. We almost saw a couple accidents, and that's in a city where Ferraris are a dime a dozen. Totally wild.
  8. я разочарованн, получили увеличенную  копию СТ 2000
  9. The high res pics are at Autoblog already. http://www.autoblog.com/2011/08/18/2013-lexus-gs350/
  10. idk people, i think its pretty groundbreaking for future lexus sedans...look at these links: http://www.motorward.com/2011/08/2012-lexus-gs-officially-unveiled/ http://wot.motortrend.com/2013-lexus-gs-350-officially-unveiled-in-monterey-109071.html
  11. the headlights are far too predictable. the similar shape is on the IS, ES, CT and even to some extent on the new GX. They all have that curve.....WE WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT! xDD Oh and the taillights sorta evoke the avalon. the GS's It looks more lexus. But still.
  12. Also, whats with Lexus and round fog lamps? seems like every model redesign or refresh, round fog lamps gets added.
    • I completely agree. I'm fed up with these round foglamps! Mercedes has already switched to LED foglamps & indicators, neither of which this GS has. Also the round fogs clash with the sharp edges & straight lines of the rest of the front end.
    • You sure that's LED foglamp instead of LED DRL ? Anyway , I hope the LSh's LED Lo-Beam can be use widely in every single Lexus even on non-Hybrid model ! Also like you said , LED indicator for sure !
    • The S-class has LED DRL's mounted in the bumper which also serve the function of foglamps as they have similar brigntness, also seen in the all LED headlight Audi A8. If you look closely both these cars don't have round halogen foglamps at all. The A8 & Merc CLS are the first to offer 'ALL' LED headlights ie low/high beams, indicators, park lights, flashers, daytime, cornering lights & fogs. Even though the LS introduced LED headlamps, the German's are way ahead with that technology now...
    • I do know R8 , A8 & CLS have full LED headlights systems though , but not sure if S-Class & E-Class's bumper LED is either DRL or Fog Lamp ... I think the one that really offer full LED headlights is R8 , and then A8 with CLS being latest . LSh did have LED light-set but only on Lo-Beam I think , and other stuff like Indicator or so is still regular light-bulb ... I'm really hope Lexus will have full LED on both front & rear lights , it's very very cool !
    • DRL's by definition cant share it's function with other light's. DRL's has to be seperate lights with no other function. The LEDs on the merc arent fog lights, but DRL's.
  13. Great to finally meet you Kevin...!! ~ Joe Z
  14. Great to finally meet you Kevin...!! Did you get any more detailed shots from the Lexus tent with Exterior and Interior offerings..?? By the time I made it back there, security was already guarding the GS.. :)
    • I have photos of all the wheels, exterior & interior colours, plus all the trims. It's the first thing I plan on posting once I get my house in order over here (full day of travel plus a wedding today!).
    • Have fun sharing stories at the wedding and making the bride and groom jealous!