2012 Lexus ES 350 Information

2012 Lexus ES 350Official information on the 2012 Lexus ES 350 has been released, and with the exception of a 1 MPG improvement in its calculated highway fuel economy, the model is mechanically identical to the 2011 model.

There are, however, some exterior color changes, as Nebula Gray Pearl replaces Smoky Granite Mica and the dark green Peridot Mica is discontinued. Pricing & availability has yet to be announced.

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  1. I'm not sure at all about what's the place in the Lexus range of this model... I like this model so much and I think that in Lexus they should put this model in a place like the Audi A7, Mercedes CLS, Volkswagen or Passat CC. Why? Just think this because I see this characters, the specifications, comfort and the design so it can be in such place... is in the middle between LS and GS (I mean in measures) so I think is possible. The other important thing is that maybe Lexus can do an effort to bring this model to european markets.
    • I'm agree with you for the fact that Lexus should bring this model in Europe but not as Lexus. I sEe this model like a perfect car to replace the Toyota Avensis wich is a great value car but it suffer the "premium" personality of some rivals such as the Opel Insigna (the european version of the Buick Regal) therefore Toyota need to bring in their european lineup a great looking sedan with many chromes details exactly like the beautiful ES.
    • Yes! I think the same. Maybe like Toyota Avalon or restyle the Avensis...
    • Avensis already caught being facelifted & all-new Avalon is coming this fall or even next year's first quarter ... Since ES is a Camry & Camry is higher class than Avensis (Avensis is Corona ... between Camry & Corolla) , plus ES is a FF car ... so it would have bigger room inside to put it higher class than GS . I'm always a Toyota crazy (same things applied to Scion & Lexus) , old Window catch my eye but this one & previous one isn't really my kind of car ... I'm hoping they put more sporty feel on next ES .
    • Name one sporty car in the ES class? None.    The ES isnt made to be sporty its made to be super comfort and IMO its one of the best riding cars I've ever been in.  If they make the ES sporty it will take away the luxurious and comfort Level the ES has always had. When you set inside a ES its like you came home. So warm and inviting.
    • Martin,You're greatly mistaken,VW passat cannot be mentioned in the same breath with Lexus,PERIOD. I have spent 34yrs in New Car dealerships,last 30years managing several stores.
    • Mmm... maybe not in your country, but here in Europe, Lexus LS and VW Phaeton are in the same range. The same with the Lexus GS and Passat. I know this because I worked in this brand dealership in Madrid, Barcelona. Maybe for you is not this, but for me yes. Thanks anyway
  2. In conclusion I'd like to see on the Toyota models sold in Europe, much more Lexus look,Lexus feeling on their line up. Not too much cuz otherwise they could steal the Lexus market, just make Toyota models more precious in their exterior style as it happen with VW wich made their models premium almost like an audi but not precious as them. I think very often,i was wondering about it right some days ago, about how beautiful wold be to have a Toyota Avensis with ES bodyshell.
  3. Forget about Europe, why do we not get the ES  re-introduced to Australia? Unlike in Europe, it will actually sell here.. 
  4. oh god... isnt it amazing.... it is perfect!!!!
  5. The ES has its history with Lexus! It's one of the most successful models before the RX came along! It's perfect in that it's the perfect mate for the GS - the two are similar in size but cater to different types of Lexus customers!
    • Exactly! No excuse to make the GS not sporty (and it looks like they fixed that with the 4GS!)
  6. I liked the SGM color. I'm anxious to see how Nebula Pearl Gray looks.
    • agreed, i hope they still continue it on other models (like the RXh and the new upcoming GS)  
    • I'll get something official tomorrow, but it appears Smoky Granite Mica is discontinued throughout the lineup -- likely due to some part of its pigment no longer being available. I imagine that this Nebula Pearl Grey is essentially the same, but I'm curious what it will look like as well.
  7. D4

    The best color ever was that dark green from the original LS400..
    • very small percentage of customers will agree wiyh D4,green and browns were always on bottom of lists among new car buyers.
  8. I Love the Lexus ES.. like a mini LS its so smooth, comfortable and well appointed. I hope the next one is even better !
  9. Jay

    Strange, doesn't the ES mirror the Toyota Camry's redesign cycle? The Camry is all new for 2012, when will we see the new ES? I really hope Lexus decides to use the Camry's new hybrid engine when they release the new ES. The new hybrid motor gets something like 40 MPG combined!