Wald International Lexus LX 570 Black Bison Edition

Lexus LX 570 with Wald International Black Bison Body Kit

While on the topic of Wald International body kits, the Japanese tuner has released a Sports Line Black Bison package for the Lexus LX 570 — here’s the full gallery:

Have to give Wald some credit for coming up with a style and sticking with it, but this gives the ASI Invader some competition as “Craziest Looking LX 570 Ever”. I’ll never understand the desire to kit out a fullsize flagship SUV like the LX.

[Source: Wald International Via: World Car Fans]


  1. I like the craziness! Anyone can offer something subtle! Now how about Lexus offering their own tasteful but extensive touch? How about showing that F/F-Sport can simply mean better for BOTH on- and off-road?
  2. It looks great in some photos... but werid/ugly looking in others
  3. Wow ! It's Epic !