Lexus LFA Official Pace Car of the Grand Prix Long Beach

Lexus LFA Pace CarThe Lexus LFA will be the official pace car this weekend at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, and it’s been done up in a white & black wrap that looks straight from the Gazoo Racing Nürburgring LFAs.

Scott Pruett will be the man behind the wheel — it’s bound to be a fun weekend for everyone that can attend.

Check out the Pace Car LFA


  1. It reminds me of last year's 24h Nurburgring LFA livery!
  2. Im watching now and a honda accord is the pace car :/
    • - pace car indycar right? EDIT - finally found out how to register haha... so my username is now Nataraj_D (used to be just Nataraj)
    • I thought so, but I guess not. I didn't end up watching the race today.
  3. Think it was the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race yesterday
  4. I lost my interest on this car after I saw on the INSIDELINE how it was eaten alive by Godzilla (GT-R) on the race track.
    • The GTR beat the LFA in a straight line drag race, like it has many many cars, but it did not beat it on a track. To the best on my knowledge, that comparison test is still yet to be done. GTR has an excellent awd system, but the LFA is a lot lighter and has carbon ceramic brakes right out of the box. So on the track, I think the LFA could still take the updated GTR.
    • I stand to be corrected. The race was done in a straight line not on a race track. I believe you have a point there that the LFA could take the GTR on the race track. I'll give the LFA another chance.