2013 Lexus LS Photochop by Mag-X

Using elements of our sneak peek at next-generation GS LF-Gh Concept, Japanese magazine Mag-X has put together this rendering of the 2013 Lexus LS (click for a larger image):

2013 Lexus LS Photochop

Not much to look at for the most part, but this rendering does a good job at turning the LF-Gh’s massive pinched grille into something that could make it to production — in fact, to me it hits the proper balance between the brand’s performance push and the classic luxury Lexus has always been known for.

[Source: Japanese Car Design Corner]


  1. Doubt this will be it... this looks too much like the current LS to be the next gen.
    • I thought the rear looked more like a last-gen Honda Accord than the current LS -- I do like the front grille though.
  2. LOL Cute attempt... Final give: total fail. The Lexus grille is an interesting element. At first, Lexus wanted to eliminate anything that was unnecessary. The grille was on that list of no-go, but the first LS ultimately ended up with a rather nice, imposing grille. The first SC didn't have a grille, but the facelift did although it did look a bit out of place but did the LFA to show some heritage. Ultimately, it's obvious that the grille is the extremely important. I love how the Lexus history of grilles shows much influence by other brands, but in the end, we are able to identify them unmistakably as Lexus.
  3. I think it´s a bit too conservative to be a good indication of how the next LS will look.
  4. I hate stupid renderings...
  5. PG

    Looks more like a facelift than an all-new model... total fail, this rendering.
  6. Good thing its a fake, cuz that thing is ugly dumb.
  7. Sorry, but this is not cool---Lexus flagship needs more tweeking than this----the wheel well arches need agressivness and more up to date styling in the front with HID lighting----I have always thought that the 2013 LS should acquire the 3 light approach that the LS 600HL has and come up with something new for the LSH. Lexus has to be outstanding now to compete with the competition.
  8. Grille of latest Lexus's concept car (which I forgotten the name already) with a slightly redesigned front end ... oh well , the rendering is somehow right since Toyota/Lexus/Scion kinda love to do something like that in this few years .
  9. Universal distaste for this photochop -- that's pretty unusual!
  10. The car above looks like it could be the ES. Plus the headlights on the car above are pretty sweet from what I can tell.
  11. Lol fail.. The current LS in my opinion is the perfect car that will never get old.. its over 5yrs old but when I saw one the other day I couldn't believe how beautiful it looked.. The design is just so exotic yet graceful with a sophisticated presence..
  12. Total failure. The LS is the flagship luxury sedan and it should convey elegance and sofistication. It does niether. It definitely shouldn't try to be (Sporty). That's what BMW is all about. In the Uber luxury category eveyone tries to emulate Rolls oyce even though they are not the fastest, sportiest cars out there. Why? Because they are still the CLASSIEST sedan out there and represent that golden standard. In the main stream luxury car market Lexus represents a new age or era of luxury cars (unlike BMW and MBZ that represent the "old Guard") The design as shown above isn't it! Things that Lexus should significantly improve on the new generation LS is handling. Wider tires (and wider more aggressive wheel flares as someone suggested) would be a simple yet effective improvement.
    • Great comment! I think the only thing that's likely to be even close to true in this rendering is the shape of the front grille -- nothing else.