Lexus USA to Raise 2011 Model Prices

Lexus LogoLexus USA has announced that several models will see minor sales increases starting in May — all models will see a percentage increase ranging from 0.8 to 2.1 percent, with the exception of the CT 200h & LFA.

The new prices will become effective for vehicles with scheduled May arrivals for all Lexus vehicles except North American-built RX units which will have its pricing change effective with May production.

View the full price list (in PDF)


  1. Considering buying a Lexus soon... This recurring news is something I usually take with pride but not now. :P
    • What model are you considering?
    • Perhaps a sensible RX, but I might need a pickup truck. I've been wanting a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, but I don't like how I am at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiating a car price that I must order from the manufacturer. hmm... Here's a dream: Lexus provides me with an LX 570. I remove the roof, starting at the second row and all the way to the back, and then a roll cage could surround the second row seats - perhaps give the second row a targa roof? Interior: The enclosed front row would have a more sumptuous interior than the stock LX. The middle row would be fitted with tougher materials, and I wouldn't mind raising the floor of the back to hide the third row seats under the floor now that I have an open top. A bed extender would be nice. Performance: modify the truck like Joe Bacal's Baja-ready LX (including those huge shocks that rise above the floor in the back) but with a bored-out engine with direct injection to maintain efficiency under certain circumstances. Finally, I'll decorate the exterior like Bacal's LX with the same sponsors, and I'll be rolling along the SoCal streets, beaches, and colleges, perhaps doing some charity work to legitimize the funding of my vehicle. hehe Just a dream... only a dream.
    • You have your work cut out for you!
    • What model are you considering?