Lexus March 2011 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported the brand’s March 2011 sales, which includes the CT 200h for the first time ever — here are the model-by-model stats:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2011 2010 % CHG* 2011 2010 % CHG*
ES 3,732 3,860 -6.9 8,545 9,132 -7.7
CT 2,199 0 N/A 2,199 0 N/A
HS 230 1,494 -85.2 699 3,453 -80.0
LS 941 894 1.4 2,381 2,785 -15.6
SC 6 30 -80.7 14 81 -82.9
GS 431 645 -35.7 1,103 1,662 -34.5
IS 2,956 3,137 -9.3 7,029 7,331 -5.4
LFA 8 0 N/A 17 0 N/A
Total Cars 10,503 10,060 0.5 21,987 24,444 -11.3
LX 341 314 4.6 897 850 4.1
GX 1,238 1,785 -33.2 3,424 4,787 -29.4
RX 8,600 8,060 2.7 21,048 19,442 6.8
Total Trucks 10,179 10,159 -3.5 25,369 25,079 -0.2
Total Sales 20,682 20,219 -1.5 47,356 49,523 -5.7

A strong launch for the CT 200h helped to keep the bottom line relatively flat, providing a much needed offset against the HS, GS & GX models all seeing 30+% drops in sales when compared to last March. The HS in particular has fallen off considerably due to a lack of inventory — from the sounds of it, dealers only have 2010 models available.

Of course, limited inventory is going to be a problem for Lexus across the board moving forward, as the earthquake disaster in Japan has wreaked havoc on the parts supply chain — this is likely to be a problem over the next few months, and will affect all auto manufacturers.


Lexus reported 1,412 sales for March, an 8.4% increase over last year and the best March ever. As for some specifics, the CT 200h had 221 sales in its first month, the LX 570 was up 35.7% and the RX 350 continued its SUV dominance with sales up 14.2% over last year.


  1. Shape up Lexus!
  2. Was HS sales so disappointing they're basically dropping it in favor of CT? Since HS is North America only and they don't have 2011 models it sounds like a dead car.
    • Actually the HS is not North America only. Japan apparently sells the HS as well.
    • Actually the HS is not North America only. Japan apparently sells the HS as well.
    • I'm still trying to get exact figures, but I think the reason for the reduced role of the HS is for two reasons: 1) It just hasn't been a runaway success in North America. 2) It has been a runaway success in Japan -- I've read that it's the #1 selling Lexus in the country. It might just be a case of using inventory to satisfy demand in Japan.
  3. @ Pond I don` think that the HS is a dead car. If the new 2011 models arrived at the dealers in a few weeks or months we can talk again.
  4. I am surprised that the GX took a major hit. I guess people like their RX or LX.
  5. JVX

    I still don't understand why they have a need for both GX and LX. What market are they targeting. To me as a consumer, I don't see a big difference. I would like to see a smaller RX to compete with the bmw X3 and acura RDX. Maybe an IX250 (a smaller SUV based on the IS).
    • The problem is that the LX is iconic, and the GX is more reasonably priced. I think that's why they're both still in the lineup.
  6. All those Lexus vehicles coming from Japan may be radioactive and hazardous!