Lexus CT 200h Challenge in Los Angeles

Lexus has teamed up with Los Angeles Clippers star point guard Baron Davis and his Rising Stars of America charity for a celebrity CT 200h Challenge in Los Angles next week. For every celebrity that Baron Davis can get to attend, Lexus will donate $1000 to RSOA — here he is to explain:

The event takes place on 4pm Thursday, February 17th at 1220 S. Figueroa Street in Downtown Los Angeles and is open to the public.

If you’re planning on attending, I have some VIP passes to give away. Entering is simple, just leave a comment here before Sunday at 5pm PST. Winners will be chosen based on past participation here at TLE — basically, regular readers get first dibs.

Update: The time has passed, and the winners have been contacted.

[Source: CT 200h Challenge]


  1. i want to do the challenge....
  2. Although I may not always comment, I'm a VERY regular reader (this is my home page! 8-))... I probably visit TLE 5-10 times a day!! ... but I'm too far away too attend :`-( (norcal) Seems like a cool event though!
  3. Count me in! 8-)
  4. I work in the LA area and am an avid TLE reader! Would love to attend something like this!
  5. Got 2 Lexus RX and regular reader. I want to see the CTh200 in personal.
  6. KREW! Let me have this one, please! @LapĀ­drn: The CT 200h looks really nice on the streets. I saw one making a turn while trying to find a parking space for the CEC Wheels event. It had a really nice, dimensional feeing to it!
  7. well i don't live in the LA area.. i do have one comment.. holy white balance.... you would think lexus would have sent over a professional to tape his announcement... seems like a fun event to go to..good luck to all!
  8. Hey Kevin - Let me know about a pass or two.. I work right in Downtown LA and would love to go right after work. Thanks - Joe 7
  9. Giveaway is done, all winners have been contacted. 8-)