Motor Trend Comparison: Lexus LS 460 vs. Audi A8 vs. Mercedes S400 Hybrid vs. BMW 740i vs. Hyundai Equus vs. Porsche Panamera

Motor Trend's Flagship Sedan Comparison

Motor Trend recently compared the Lexus LS 460 Sport with the Audi A8, Mercedes S400 Hybrid, Hyundai Equus, BMW 740i & Porsche Panamara, and ranked the LS fourth overall — here’s what they had to say about the Lexus flagship:

Bad boy genes must be migrating up the Lexus line from the IS-F, or down from the LFA. Mind you, they’re as hidden as Lex Luthor’s lairs, but don’t let that staid facade of introverted Asian design fool you. Press the super-secret TRAC button on the console and this Sport-package-equipped short-wheelbase luxury liner will oblige the right foot with enough throttle oversteer to make your innocent drive up Mulholland Highway feel like Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya nailing a Touge run.

The LS 460’s rear seat was deemed most comfortable, despite its short-wheelbase dearth of legroom. Its control interface, featuring buttons large enough to accommodate full English wording on them, was also deemed easiest to master.

Let’s face it, this is the most rational choice for the thinking plutocrat: No money squandered on a flashier Euro brand name, brilliant engineering, sterling quality reputation, and sufficient cachet to fit in at the club.

While I always chalk up the final ratings up to a car magazine’s personal preference, it’s worth noting that all the cars that finished ahead of the LS 460 Sport (#3 Audi A8, #2 Porsche Panamara, #1 BMW 740i) are brand-new models from performance-oriented brands — no doubt about it, this LS Sport package is a real winner.

[Source: Motor Trend]