The First Production Lexus LFA

The First Production Lexus LFA

The Lexus LFA website has been updated to include a very important milestone — the manufacturing of the very first production LFA:

December 15th, 2010. The production of the Lexus LFA begins at the Motomachi Factory LFA Plant.

The LFA will be produced by a total of 170 people including the CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) manufacturing staff. The LFA Plant has a few very unique characteristics.

First, this plant developed its own CFRP technology not solely for the LFA, but for future Toyota and Lexus models as well. 65% of the LFA’s body is made of CFRP, realizing exceptional strength and rigidity while reducing vehicle weight dramatically.

Also, a normal Lexus model is comprised of approximately 12,000 parts, whereas the LFA is made of approximately 15,000 parts, and each one of them is assembled by hand by the craftsmen.

The most notable feature is that every single procedure is recorded for each LFA built. For example, the record for the assembly process alone is over 300 pages long, and in the end, each and every LFA built will have over a 3,500 page work journal. This record will be kept at Lexus and will be utilized for future reference should there be an inquiry after the vehicle is delivered.

This is what every LFA emerging from the LFA Plant encounters before delivery to customers around the world.

A couple more photos of the #001 red LFA:

First Lexus LFA Production #001
First Production Lexus LFA Rolling off the line

After ten years of development and countless bumps along the road, the LFA is finally rolling off the manufacturing line. What an amazing story.

[Source: Lexus LFA website via Club Lexus]