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A Look at the Lexus LFA Customization Process

Globe & Mail writer Peter Cheney recently had an opportunity to see just what it’s like to customize a Lexus LFA, from the exterior right down to the interior stitching — here’s some quotes from his experience:

…Lexus asked me if I’d like to see what it was like to pick out a brand-new LFA supercar, how could I say no? As car-optioning exercises go, this is a true fantasy ride.

Since I don’t actually have $370,000 in my chequing account, my experience would be a virtual one – I would experience everything a real buyer does, except getting the actual car.

A chauffeured Lexus 600 sedan pulled up in front of my house. A few minutes later, I was being whisked into a private theatre at Toronto’s elegant new Thompson Hotel, where there was only one person in the audience: me.

Wine and champagne were chilling in silver ice buckets, and a giant image of the LFA appeared on the screen at the front of the theatre. Glenn Alkema, a product specialist from Lexus headquarters, prepared to guide me through the process of choosing the options.

The entire process is an interesting one, complete with miniture examples of the different exterior colors, wheel finishes and calipers (here’s a better look at the actual LFA customization kit) — Cheney eventually decides on a Pearl Grey exterior, gun-metal wheels & yellow calipers and a fully black interior, minus the sound system.

There was also one interesting fact included in the article:

According to Lexus, most of the buyers are extremely wealthy. But not all – at least one is a middle-class car buff who has been saving for years to buy an LFA.

Now that sounds like an interesting story all on its own!

[Source: Globe & Mail]

CanadaF SPORTLexus LFA
  • W
  • January 6, 2011
Wow, too bad the usual Lexus dealership experience isn't like that! It's nice to hear there is one middle-class person that can have his/her dream car.
This is nice! And congratz to that one dude who saved up all this time!
  • J
  • January 8, 2011
The first prototype was out in 2000. So it gave the fellow a decade to save $370,000. Thats like $37,000 a year. This person must be part of the upper middle class, thats the only way the person could save, pay taxes and have some money left to eat.
  • P
    peter field
  • September 22, 2011
I put out a begging letter on facebook asked all my friends to donate £1 each and all there friends to do the same but not one person made a donation so i never got my FLA shame what a car i love it