Lexus LFA Configuration Kit

Lexus LFA Configuration Kit Cover

Flickr user itzjere (aka Jeremy) had the enviable task of configuring a Lexus LFA for his boss, and posted some pictures of the process (click for larger images):

Lexus LFA Configuration Kit Exterior
Lexus LFA Configuration Kit Interior
Lexus LFA Configuration Kit Stitches
Lexus LFA Configuration Kit Wheels

This LFA configuration kit shows an amazing attention to detail, and looks to be an excellent way to choose a car color combo.

I asked Jeremy a couple questions:

TLE: Could you describe the experience of configuring the LFA?

Jeremy: The experience with Lexus was a step above any car he has purchased before. The personal attention you receive from Lexus is unheard of from this type of company. From the private showings of the car to the one-on-one personal configuration of the car, Lexus has shown a great deal of attention to both this car and the experience of its owners. It builds to a great deal of anticipation for the car.

TLE: What was it about the LFA that appealed to your boss?

Jeremy: There are many reasons why the LFA appeals to my boss. The main thing would be the rarity of the car. My boss has a collection of exotics and this will be another one he can add into his collection. Amongst the LFA, there is a Porsche 996TT, Porsche 997TT with full TechArt package, Aston Martin Vantage V8, Ferrari F430, Bentley GT Mulliner and a Porsche Carrera GT in a special custom color painted by Porsche – Lamborghini Arancio Borealis. All these cars get driven on a daily basis too, except for the GT — that’s a collector.

TLE: What was the final LFA color combination?

Jeremy: Pearl White exterior, black interior with white stitching, gunmetal wheels with yellow calipers.


Special thanks to Jeremy — be sure to check out his excellent photos on his Flickr account.

(And no, I didn’t ask who his boss is.)