Lexus ES 300h Hybrid Trademark Registered

Lexus ES 300h Hybrid

Once again, the North American Trademark offices have given us a glimpse into the future, as both Lexus USA & Lexus Canada have filed for the ES 300h trademark (Canadian Trade-Mark 1507011 & U.S. Trademark No. 85193249, both registered on December 8, 2010.)

Although it’s hardly a full confirmation, this certainly points to a hybrid version of Lexus’ most popular sedan, mostly likely when the next-generation is introduced (which I’m currently guessing will arrive late-2011).

As for what could be powering the ES 300h, that’s pure speculation at this point. The HS 250h uses the 2.4L 2AZ-FXE with a 40 hp electric motor for a total combined output of 187 hp — very similar to the current Camry Hybrid — which would only lead to the assumption that the ES will share the upgraded hybrid system that’s sure to debut with the next-generation Camry next year.

[Via: My.IS]