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Interview with Lexus IS Chief Engineer Junichi Furuyama

Lexus Magazine has an interview with IS Chief Engineer Junichi Furuyama and his thoughts on the new 2011 update– here are some select quotes:

“There is more emphasis on the car’s individuality than before,” says Furuyama. “Take the headlights. The daytime running lights, where fitted, use L-shaped LEDs that are constantly illuminated when you’re driving so they have a strong identity. They tell you instantly that this is the new IS. It’s clearly a premium car, but also very obviously a sporting one.”

Which brings us to one last thing Mr. Furuyama wants you to know about the newest IS: He spent considerable time thinking about what it’ll look like in your driveway. Even when parked, the new IS is still a compelling car, says the chief engineer.

“I’m inspired by beautiful styling,” he says, “and the latest IS, I hope, expresses this inspiration to the fullest.”

Interesting that Furuyama-san would mention his effort to make the IS a “compelling car” even standing still, because it was one of the things I noticed when I first saw the new 2011 model — the updates really ramp up the IS’ design.

(Be sure to check out the full article over at Lexus Magazine.)

[Source: Lexus Magazine]

Lexus IS: Second GenerationUSA
  • D
  • November 17, 2010
No doubt, this is one of the most beautiful autos of today. However, the handling and the feel is nowhere as sporty as the first gen IS.
  • E
  • November 17, 2010
I had some not-to-possitive comments on the changes a while back. But after seeing the 2011 in person I would have to say the changes are a noticeable improvement. I've been a 3-series fan for many years, but I would now take the 2011 IS 350 over a 328i. I hope the IS 250 will soon get a torque and power boost.