Car & Driver Comparison: Lexus LFA vs. Ferrari 599 HGTE

Lexus LFA vs. Ferrari HGTE

As proof that anything can happen once, Car & Driver has declared a Lexus the winner in a comparison — even more shocking, it was the LFA against the Ferrari 599 HGTE:

The Ferrari is beautifully made and trimmed, but it isn’t quite as special inside as the LFA.

The Lexus feels more athletic than the Ferrari, and its performance is more accessible, more immediately. The engine is remarkable. Austin noted: “They  figured out the engine. It’s really strong, and then you hit about 6500 rpm and your eyes get all big as the power hits another level.” The only street-car engine that matches this one for smoothness, ecstatic noise, and power delivery is the 458 Italia’s.

…the LFA is an amazing car—and an amazing achievement. Out of the box, Toyota’s first supercar beats a Ferrari. Yeah, you read that correctly. If Toyota put the same soul and ­passion into the rest of its cars, the company would be unbeatable.

It could be argued that the new 458 Italia is the closest Ferrari competitor to the LFA, but there are some strong similarities between the Lexus supercar and the Ferrari 599 — engine placement & the price tag that spring immediately to mind — and simply put, a Lexus win over any Ferrari, even if it comes from Car & Driver, is an amazing achievement.

(The article is accompanied by a gorgeous photo gallery, be sure to check it out.)

[Source: Car & Driver]