Lexus LX 570 with 22″ F-Sport Wheels

Speaking of the Lexus LX 570, a photo on the Lexus USA website shows the SUV in optional 22″ F-Sport forged aluminum polished wheels:

Lexus LX 570 in F-Sport Wheels

Here’s another look:

Lexus LX 570 22-inch F-Sport Wheels

I’m pretty impressed with the design and the size — hard as it is to believe, the standard 20″ wheels look small, and this extra two inches is exactly what the LX 570 needs. I also like that the F-Sport marque is making its way into other parts of the lineup.

The Lexus LX F-Sport wheels have a $4,699 USD MSRP, and should be available for order at your local Lexus dealer.

[Source: Lexus]


  1. ;-)
  2. I don't know. I think the larger wheels look funny without smaller wheel gaps to match.
  3. hmmmm... not too bad
  4. RDS

    Not really nice looking for me ... :o
  5. They've been on the website for awhile but I guess they never really push it and I haven't seen any pictures of it on the LX until now... very nice!
  6. BTW whoever did the first photochop forgot to add the brakes.
  7. absolutely vile alloy wheels.
  8. Looks too sport.... needs to looks more classy. F Sport rims are ugly IMO. The OEM lexus rims look better then them.
  9. Not really sure about all these F-sport accesories spin offs, looks to me just cheap chrome wheels from American Racing, and so is a lot of TRD USA parts now. Geezz... please stop producing such parts sick and tired of them already. Please bring some real JDM TRD or TOM's Stuff over here then rebadge them as F-sport parts please
  10. I reckon the wheels look 'hot-as' and they certainly enhance the overall design of the LX. I reckon Lexus will get a few takers with these alloys. Cool design !! However ... on a side note, i would really like Lexus to offer the LX with a diesel engine such as the twin-turbo 4.5 v8 as used by the Landcruiser in many markets and has proven to be very popular in places like Australia. LX450d - sounds good and should sell well in Europe aswell. Cheers
  11. Contrary to some comments, i don't believe the wheels look cheap or budget. I agree with my mate Shane, catchy design and cool looks. Actually, the more we look at 'em, the more we like 'em. I wonder if Lexus Australia will follow suit, be good if they did.
  12. att : Lexus Ben - TRD parts for Toyota and Scion and F-Sport for Lexus is just what the companies need and personally, i like what they are doing ... i'm completely all-for-it. The RTR (Ready To Race) Tacoma is awesome while i reckon the TRD Tundra is a pretty good unit aswell. As for the 22-inch wheels for the LX, defantly a worth while option and should generate some interest amoung those shopping in this segment.
  13. JVX

    Mister Two wrote:I don’t know. I think the larger wheels look funny without smaller wheel gaps to match.
    Same feeling here. Big wheels with low profile tires and a big gap doesn't look right. Lower the gap as seen on the Invader: Even without all the makeups, just lowering the vehicle make it looks heavy and sporty.
  14. It needs more spokes like 6 or 7. The 5 spokes just looks weird on the LX..too sporty.
  15. Honestly. That looks so stupid on the LX. Lexus you should let your owners buy their stuff from aftermarket people and not from the dealership. Please stick to your old business plan.
  16. I really enjoy this Web Site, thanks a lot. As a Lexus enthusiast currntly driving a 09 GS 460, is there any factual info about the next generation please?
  17. Bryan New Zealand wrote:As a Lexus enthusiast currntly driving a 09 GS 460, is there any factual info about the next generation please?
    Hi Bryan -- by some accounts, the next-generation GS is scheduled for a late 2011 launch, but there's a chance it might be pushed back to early 2012. Nothing confirmed, of course, but that's the rumor. Hope that helps! 8-)
  18. Are these still available, I am trying to purchase a new 2011 and have them put on but the dealer has just told me they are not available anymore.  Lexus website does not say that.  does anyone know the truth.