Lexus Kuwait Planning World’s Largest Lexus Showroom

Lexus Kuwait is planning to build the world’s largest Lexus showroom — here’s a virtual look at the proposed building:

The effort put into these new mega-dealerships is amazing — it’s hard to even imagine the scale of that showroom. Construction should be begin soon, can’t wait to see some real life photos.

[Source: Lexus Kuwait via Lexus Europe]


  1. Made possible by the country of the United States. aha
  2. RDS

    Why oh Why , Lexus ? What's the purpose to build this ?
  3. @RDS: Bragging rights, and the owners get to chill there themselves. Also, there aren't many other dealers nearby, and everyone is just gonna go to the nice, big, shiny one. aha
  4. Interesting look like Lexus is trying to copy the INFINITI concept of IREDI showrooms. I have a lot of respect for Lexus and Toyota but INFINITI is the only japanese luxury brand that truly understand what luxury truly is.
  5. @Ali Al Qawi: LOL So... Lexus has the LS Mercedes-Benz has the S-class BMW has the 7-series Audi has the A8 Jaguar has the XJ Cadillac has the STS/DTS Lincoln has the Town Car/MKS etc... And Infiniti has the what?! The M?! LOL Lexus already has awesome showrooms, and a few that opened after the brand launch deviate a bit to towards other creative designs. You should check out Lexus of North Miami and a few awesome ones already opened in the Middle East, and let's not to forget the amazing Lexus dealers in the Pacific Islands. I think it's more accurate to use the word "copy" in this case: - "Infinti copied Lexus by basing the QX on a true SUV platform." Don't be jealous that Infiniti ultimately lost even with their little head start in the US market. :-)
  6. Hi I'm from kuwait the showroom is almost done and it will open next month
  7. @Alaa: Congratulations!
  8. @Ali Al Qawi: Infiniti isn't fairing well here in the states. The only thing that is holding Infiniti up is the G series. Infiniti discontinue the Q series because of the lack of sales. They don't have a replacement in plan to take on the S, 7 or LS. Another thing is, Infiniti lacks clear direction. I mean look at it. The new Maxima and the new Z has the same level of quality and luxury features as the G series. Infiniti has the luxury stuff but they really can't differentiate themselves from Nissan. Infiniti understands the luxury sport concept, not pure luxury. Not a majority of people wants that luxury sport. That is why Lexus does not make their entire lineup a luxury sport concept. They want each of their vehicles to appeal to different demographics, different target audience.
  9. @emptystreets130 +1. Lexus covers almost every demographics, luxury, performance, youth, and even eco-friendly souls. The only things going for Infiniti are the G and FX, which are great performing cars. I hardly see the M on the road. Maybe "Ali Al Qawi" was referring to the Infiniti showroom (not the car) being more luxury than Lexus.
  10. Any details on when it will be finished? That looks amazing. Almost like a Lexus factory if you ask me. LOL
  11. @JVX.: aha I was referring to both, and not only that, how about we compare a few of Lexus' best auto show setups with Infinti's... um... yeah. lol I suppose that isn't important, but neither is luxury. ;-)