Motor Trend Reviews the Lexus CT 200h

Motor Trend drives the Lexus CT 200h

Motor Trend has driven the Lexus CT 200h, and was plenty enthused by the experience:

…this car can handle. Quite well, in fact, in spite of its fuel-economy-friendly tires. The chassis is difficult to upset and when it does lose composure, it defaults to gradual understeer, at which point the nannies step back in…The steering is heavier in Sport Mode, which is good because it’s normally very light, but there isn’t a whole lot of feedback.

The most remarkable thing about the CT 200h is how easy it is to forget that you’re driving a hybrid. Regardless of driving mode, transitions to and from electric power and gasoline power are so seamless that you simply forget they’re happening. Power is plenty adequate in most situations, but can leave you wanting when passing or climbing hills. The brakes, meanwhile, are much more linear and dare we say “normal” than Prius brakes, without that two-stage feel when the regen kicks in.

Funny, I made the same exact point in my own review — the CT 200h doesn’t really feel like a hybrid at all, and I’m starting to think this may be one of its strongest selling points.

Overall, an extremely positive review, with the only complaints being some minor uncertainty about the exterior design and an active dislike of the internal LCD screen — points that lean more to personal taste than any real issue.

[Source: Motor Trend]


  1. 6 NEGATIVE REVIEWS and you choose to upload the one positive hiding the others !!! That's not good @krew ..... EXCLUSIVE S-SPORT CT200H PHOTOS AT
  2. So why is Motor Trend so impressed when their UK counterparts couldn't be positive about the CT if their very lives depended on it? Because the American automotive press is largely devoid of the kind of ignorant,mindless chauvinism and snobbery that makes the opinions of certain other car scribes about as relevant as what my neighbour's cat thinks about the political situation in North Korea. That was my rant for the day,and as always:felt goood! ;-)
  3. Someone needs to point out the obvious. European loves diesels and hate hybrids. They have been enjoying the lower fuel tax and higher energy content in the diesel. They see hybrids as a threat because they are indeed superior.
  4. Thank you for the enlightening and generalizing comment. Make affordable hybrids that are to people's taste and they will buy. There is no love relation to diesels, but partly due to the CO2-hysteria they make economic sense to buyers. The Camry used to be a decent seller here, but Toyota decided to tweak it more to NA taste. For Toyota this was a huge success, but sales in Europe faded and it hasn't been available at all for several years. Mind you, it was available with a diesel, but the traditional buyers flocked to the Germans. I'm seriously considering trading my IS for a CT, but after trying the Toyota Auris Hybrid (same size, same drivetrain, less luxury) I need to test it first. The Auris had plenty of road noise and a crappy, annoying engine sound. The CT needs to be much better in these areas. My personal taste aside, the Auris Hybrid is a top seller for Toyota here now, vastly outselling its diesel sibling.
  5. The whole class the Camry belonged to is pretty much gone in Europe.Ford Scorpio,Opel (Vauxhall) Omega,Nissan Maxima. People looking for saloons (sedans) this size wanted premium brands.Also,the segment below (Avensis,Mondeo etc.) got larger and more refined.
  6. I like how the CT is in-front of this million dollar house when its not targeted to the rich per-se...
  7. SEAL wrote:6 NEGATIVE REVIEWS and you choose to upload the one positive hiding the others !!!
    That’s not good @krew …..
    I can assure you that all the major reviews will be posted here -- no need to start looking for a conspiracy. :-)
  8. JVX

    Regardless of the number of bad reviews versus good reviews, I got a good feeling the CT will sell. Just as with the Prius, a lot was said about its style, handling, and performance, but at the end, it still sells. There is such a group of people who cares less about going super fast and doing tight corner at high speed. The CT will do just fine.
  9. @krew: ahhh seems like a nice hotel..was it?
  10. @krew: wow Krew... wow... Enjoying the high-life of being pampered by Lexus, eh? sigh... f'ing jealous!
  11. Joshd wrote:@krew:
    ahhh seems like a nice hotel..was it?
    It felt like a James Bond movie set. :-)