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Lexus Press Conference at 2010 Paris Motor Show

I have plenty of photos of the Lexus display at the Paris Motor Show, but first, let’s start off by taking a look at the opening press conference from Lexus Europe Vice President Andy Pfeiffenberger:

Important points on the CT 200h:

  • Lexus lineup will be fully hybrid in Europe by 2015.
  • The CT 200h is expected to double European Lexus sales by the end of 2012.
  • The CT 200h will be the Luxury C-Segment class leader in fuel effiency & low emissions.
  • CT 200h Fuel Economy: 3.8L/100km, or 61.8 MPG, much different than the 42 MPG quoted by Lexus USA (likely because of different testing methods).
  • CT 200h CO2 emissions will be just 89g per km.
  • CT 200h emits substantially less NOX than diesel competitors and absolutely no particulates.
  • In France, the CT 200h will start at less than €30,000.
  • Sales start across Europe in November.

I also like this video from Car News TV, which provides a good overview of the Lexus display before we dive into specific models:

I was very impressed with the Lexus presence at the show, and not just with the vehicle selection, but with the people staffing the display and all the executives I talked with.

Overall, there was a lot of optimism about the CT 200h, and rightfully so — given the size of the premium compact market in Europe, this is a massive opportunity for Lexus to establish a much stronger position, and everyone seems very excited by the possibilities.

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so... um... Hybrid tech is still a good bridge for us to get accustomed to full-electric vehicles... Americans won't be interested in ehe 46mpg 535d that has great performance as well... American petrol cheap... yada yada yada Best of luck, Lexus.
  • V
  • October 4, 2010
The german market will buy an Audi A3 Diesel instead of this overpriced CT200h. I really wanted a CT200h, but 27000€ ?? Come on... Are you kidding me?
  • E
  • October 5, 2010
Very interesting remark about the LFA:that although the 500 are sold out,if somebody wants one bad enough they can have one. Go Lottery ticket,go!!
  • S
  • October 5, 2010
@Vogel A 1.6TDI Attraction S-tronic A3 Sportback (starting model) without any kind of option is already 27kEuros in Germany. I guess you already know, for this price you just have nothing in your A3! What is overpriced now? We even don't know the prices of each CT 200h model! Ein schwiizer Nachbar! ;-)
  • V
  • October 5, 2010
@Swiggen, yes you're right. I didn't notice, that the Audi does not come with an automatic transmission. But let's wait and see what the final prices for the ct200h are. Maybe we're wrong and the ct200h will start just slightly over the Auris Hybrid price range of 22490€ (in Germany). Grüße in die Schweiz ;-)