Future Lexus Line-up?

Lexus LFA Roadster

Automotive News has taken a shot at predicting the next couple years of Lexus models, let’s summarize:

  • GS: The next-generation GS will arrive in the spring of next year on a new shared platform and a longer wheelbase, while retaining the V6/V8/Hybrid powertrains. A GS-F has been prototype, but is not expected to make it to production.

    As for the styling, Automotive News says the “design of the GS will feature a long dash-to-axle ratio and a reprise of its signature stubby trunk, while the roofline will be a constant-radius swoop.”

  • IS: 2013 will see the debut of the third generation IS, which will be built on a shortened version of the GS’ shared platform.
  • LS: A redesign for the 2013 model year is expected, with a focus on reducing the weight generated by all the technology & safety features.
  • ES: Due to be redesigned as a 2012 model, the next-gen ES will be getting “more angular and active styling”, and may be offered in a hybrid.
  • HSh: Should the Prius receive a lithium battery pack in 2012, the HSh should follow.
  • SC: The next-generation SC will not be offered as a convertible.
  • LFA: A roadster version of the Lexus supercar could appear in 2014.

Most of these predictions summarize current rumors, with a few twists: No GS-F would be a disappointment, but the on-off nature of this V10 super-sedan means there’s no way to know for sure, just as there’s no way to guess if a LFA roadster will ever make it into production.

Also mentioned is the possibility of a brand new model:

VX: A seven-seat, car-based large crossover above the RX 350 is possible. Owners have told Lexus that towing is not as important as driveability and seating capacity. Lexus is studying a competitor to the BMW X6 crossover based on the next generation of the GS/IS platform.

With the RX straddling the line between small & large crossover classes, it’s hard to predict which side of the equation a new model would come up on. A large 7-seater may very well be in the works, but what about a smaller version of the RX instead?

[Source: Autoweek] (Thanks Oranji!)