Top Gear’s Supercar Showdown

Top Gear Supercar Showdown

At long last, some kind soul at Toyota Nation has scanned the Top Gear magazine article that pitted the Lexus LFA against the Mercedes SLS AMG, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera & Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

As it turns out, the LFA doesn’t really get a fair shake — for reasons confusing at best, the other four supercars get fresh new laptimes, but the LFA has to make due with its old wet laps from last year’s Top Gear appearance, which understandably places it in last place. However, the Top Gear team still has high praise for the Lexus’ supercar, here are some quotes:

[The LFA is] also the number one crowd-stopper and though not all the people we spoke to like it, everyone wants to know what it is.

Its interior is also remarkable. It’s sensationally well-made. It has easily the best door handles and indicator stalks that I’ve ever used…

[The Stig’s] feedback was that, even with the traction gizmos switched on, the LFA is a knife-edge thing, one that instantly wants to get cozy with the limit. It’s the sort of car that needs to be driving accurately. Ditch the safety stuff and you’re on your own. It’s as mad as its V10 exhaust howl.

The Stig also weighs in directly:

The Stig Weighs in Directly

Uneven or not, this Top Gear article is still a fun read — and should you have the same issue I had reading the scans, I’ve found a more conveniently sized zip.

[Source: Top Gear Magazine via Toyota Nation]