Lexus CT 200h USA Pricing Update

Lexus CT 200h Rear

Last week, I took a swing at guessing the Lexus CT 200h price in the USA based on some UK rumors, and today, I received a note from Lexus USA offering something a little more definitive:

“In the United States, Lexus intends for the all-new CT 200h to become the gateway model for the brand, targeting a price position below the IS.”

It’s still a distance away from an actual price range, but considering that the IS starts at $32,145 (IS 250 RWD Manual), we could be looking at a very competitive price for the new hatchback.

(Can’t wait to see the CT in Toronto on Friday!)


  1. I'm gonna guess it'll be about 29-31K
  2. Keeping it at $30k+ is the way to maintain dignity
  3. @WorldofLuxury: Still, if it's going to be the gateway of the brand, it's not going to have 30k MSRP ;-)
  4. Starting at $28k would be nice.
  5. low price + great MPG = win :-)
  6. The A3 2.0T automatic is CT200h's direct competitor and it starts from $28,750 so I'm guessing it'll be $29k+ for the CT200h, just enough not to fall to Audi's level. :D
  7. Audi A3 prices in Canada (automatic) Range between C$33,950 - C$39,950 (starting) As long as the car does not cost C$45,850.00 with all the options I am happy.