First Lexus LFA Speeding Ticket

Claus Ettensberger, owner of CEC Wheels and past Bullrun winner, has the “honor” of being the first person to get a speeding ticket in the Lexus LFA, or at least the first person to do so and post about it on Youtube:

For the record, Mr. Ettensberger was going 91mph in a 35mph zone — absolutely ludicrous in my opinion — and yet still managed to get his picture with the officer that pulled him over.

(Thanks Roberto!)


  1. since when do cops ride on bmws? lol
  2. RDS

    Why don't "202mph on 20mph place" ? That's sound better . haha
  3. wait was he going for a test drive or is that his car? I'm confused...
  4. When I buy my LFA in 2034, I'll be hanging the speeding tickets and speed camera pictures on a presumably large wall in the presumably amazing garage for my presumably orange LFA. Plus, pictures with the officer who wrote it up, if he agrees to the picture.
  5. Don

    Yeah, in 2034, Cops have Hoover Bikes like in Star Trek (2008)
  6. Lucky guy... @Josh: American cops have recently signed a new contract with BMW.
  7. The LFA is awesome but I wouldn't take pride in driving 91MPH in a 35MPH zone.
  8. Wunko wrote:The LFA is awesome but I wouldn’t take pride in driving 91MPH in a 35MPH zone.
    I agree.35mph zones are not the place to interpret speed limits "liberally".
  9. @lapdrn: lol yeah... I never said Bimmer instead of Beamer. aha
  10. JVX

    Let's hope that cop doesn't show up in court. I'm sure Mr. Ettensberger has already worked sometimes out with the cop:-D
  11. @Don: Well by then I can make my LFA fly ;-)
  12. Hahaha! Excellent laugh for me this morning :-D Thanks, Claus Ettensberger!! And as a side note, Australia has always had BMW police motorcycles! 8-)
  13. Well, we have had for a long time anyways.... ;-)
  14. The 0-300 km/h times are... Stock cars: 20,7 s - Bugatti 16.4 Veyron (Handling-mode, no High Speed-Key) 28,6 s - Porsche 911 GT2 RS (7,6 s faster than the 997 GT2) 32,3 s - Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera (458 Italia: 32,4 s) 35,4 s - Corvette ZR1 (lines up with MotorTrend's 35,5 s time) 42,2 s - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (loses power at higher speeds) 50,6 s - Lexus LFA (no comment...) 54,3 s (to 280 km/h) - BMW M3 GTS (I knew it won't do 300 km/h...) Tuned cars: 17,3 s - 9ff BT1000 AWD 33,5 s - MTM-Audi RS6 Clubsport (last year's Avant did it in 35,5 seconds) 36,0 s - Importracing-Nissan GT-R 41,7 s - Väth-V60 RS (tuned SL63 AMG) 51,9 s - Wimmer-C63 AMG 54,4 s (to 270 km/h) - AC Schnitzer X6 wtf lexus is so slow :/
  15. Speeding through a residential area at 103mph where kids live and play. What a hero...
  16. @Tilps: It has been beaten to death over the internet. What is frustrating, everyone believes or wants to believe what he reads. Why no one is not telling the full story, is simply beyond me (plausible hatred for the LFA). You seriously believe LFA with all that power to weight ratio would be that slow?? Don't believe everything you read, is my message to you. People seriously believe if LFA that has run 0 - 150 mph without any launch control in only 18 seconds will take that long to gain only 30 mph more?I was one of those people questioning and found the answer. LFA's spoiler automatically deploys at 80 Km/h. SportAuto said LFA's drag coefficient goes up to 0.40 with the spoiler deployed. For top speed acceleration runs, stability is far less important than outright acceleration. Having that much weight placed over the rear of the car, the acceleration suffered badly. If LFA had a way to retract the spoiler, it would have easily been in the 34 - 36 seconds region without a doubt.