Autocar: Lexus LFA vs. Ferrari 458 Italia vs. Porsche 911 GT3 RS vs. Noble M600

Lexus LFA vs Ferrari 458 Italia vs. Porsche 911 GT3 RS vs. Noble M600

Thanks to German Car Forums, we can get a sneak peek at the new Car Magazine Autocar comparison of the Lexus LFA, Ferrari 458 Italia, Porsche 911 GT3 RS & Noble M600 — here’s a LFA quote:

Even though pictures of the LFA have been circulating for years, and personally I’ve seen the car in the carbonfibre before, nothing prepares you for the sight of the Lexus on home ground, mixed in among everyday traffic. In our collection there are more beautiful shapes and brighter colors, but without a doubt the most striking shape is the LFA. It looks like it has arrived from Mars, circa the year 2050.

On a whole, the article reads like a 458 Italia love story — which is all well and good, except when it gets down to raw numbers:

Lexus LFA vs Ferrari 458 Italia vs. Porsche 911 GT3 RS vs. Noble M600

To think that Autocar was only able to hit a 4.2s 0-60MPH time with the LFA — when Car & Driver and Motor Trend managed 3.7s & 3.8s respectively — makes me think two things right off the bat:

  • This white LFA pre-production prototype is starting to show some wear after some very tough miles.
  • The other three cars are equipped with launch control systems, which practically guarantees a solid launch. The LFA, on the other hand, requires more technical skill.

After all, it did take Car & Driver some experimentation to hit their reported 3.7s time, and that was with a different prototype. Unfortunately, neither of these facts are mentioned in the article.

Nevertheless, this article only highlights the need for launch control in the LFA — if only to even out the playing field and make for more accurate comparisons.

Update: This comparison is from Autocar, not Car Magazine.

[Source: Autocar via German Car Forum]


  1. by any means it is a point for lexus hope to see much more aggresive design in the NG lexus's
  2. RDS

    Lexus is the most expensive one & biggest displacement , but the acceleration is very very slow & unexpected . Because of this "data" , many people start to doubt about Lexus LFA's real performance .
  3. @RDS: LFA is extremely fast from 100 - 200 mph. It is suffering due to lack of launch control, which almost all other supercars have. Around a race track, it is proving to be faster than just about any other mainstream supercar. The review is completely biased towards 458. Why was it not mentioned that LFA was the only car that had no launch control system? (GT3 RS, 458 and Noble all came equipped with launch control). The result was LFA was the only car that was launched from idle. The acceleration numbers tested have been A LOT faster than this. 0 - 125 mph in 11.3 seconds in the upcoming AutoZeitung track test. LFA has a power to weight ratio of 5.7 lbs/HP. It would be stupid for anyone to think this car is anything, but a 3.3 - 3.4 seconds car from 0 - 60 mph.
  4. A 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds is more than half a second off what Lexus's conservative claim is without launch control and two occupants (3.6 seconds). This pre-production prototype in Europe has been beaten to death and is showing its age due to continuous abuse.
  5. AutoCar is a nice launching ground for Ferrari. It always has been. They are some of the biggest Ferrari loyalists.
  6. hm... Well, I'm pretty damn proud of Lexus. I'm just surprised they didn't make it last or second to last. I'm going to read the article later. lol It's funny how I'm so used to such an exotic supercar with a Lexus badge on it right now.
  7. JVX

    The fact that the LFA was compared with other notorious super cars is already a big accomplishment for Lexus. Lexus haven't made any confirmation of a launch control in their production release. So it's only fair for Car Magazine not to mention it. I would like to see a re-test with the production model.
  8. Blah Blah Blah.... who gives a shit about what these car magazine says anyway nowadays? I Mean do you really think people who can spend this kinda money on cars cares about what others tell them? Does it makes them think twice about buying a ferrari when it's not as fast as the ACR Viper/ ZR1? No. Cause they only care about the brand and status quote in the end of the spectrum other attributes is just bonuses. Much like the LFA, I'd personally would have picked that over anything else in this comparo test. Yes it's not the fastest, and it's the most expensive in the group. But considering it's limited availablity and full carbon chassis it's enough for me to drool over it over and over again.
  9. LexusBen: LFA will prove to be a faster track car than the 458 Italia. Just wait and see. Not many believed LFA can stomp all over the SLS AMG because it "is only a Lexus", yet Lexus not only killed the SLS AMG in track tests, but also won the AutoZeitung comparison.
  10. Yes the LFA in the SportAuto and AutoZeitung supertests being used is a different red colored LFA that was used in the PistonHead test as well. Hopefully, it is far less beaten up than this white one.
  11. Lexus is the best one
  12. RDS

    @RollaXRS: I understand how the LFA perform but not those haters . Still , I remember there's a LFA that tested by Tiff Needell & he likely claim that car have bit weird on control . Just like this magazine claim , the Electric Power Steering made the car lack of road feel .
  13. @RDS: The issue Tiff could not get used to was similar to Carrera GT. LFA's throttle is too sensitive (10 individual throttle bodies for it) and he could not get used to the throttle response where he would try to drift and kick the tail out and make some smoke. As soon as he would lift the foot off the throttle, LFA loses revs as quickly as they go up and then the tires would bite hard to sudden decrease in wheel spin. The steering (Chris Harris) on British roads is as precise as one could hope for. That is what he said and said that is the most important thing.
  14. @RollaXRS: mmm... the way the LFA gains and loses revs... I'm sure the Stig understands it all!
  15. @WorldofLuxury: Yes, ofcourse. LFA set a record of the fastest lap ever (besting GTR's lap by 3 seconds) on the Goodwood racetrack with a driver and a cameraman while the driver was talking. Now AutoZeitung track test comparison with SLS AMG proved LFA thrashed the SLS AMG around the Contidrom race track by a HUGE 2 seconds on a short only 2 mile long track. It is just over a minute long so you could imagine.
  16. @WorldofLuxury: Haha. Some say the LFA rev sounds are his mating call. And that if he had played in the Galaxy and Real Madrid game, he would have punched the man, not kicked him, to the ground. All we know, he's called KREW. Haha just kidding. Don't kill me :-P
  17. @LFAaddict: LOL Stig is gonna be at your door any second now!
  18. RDS

    @RollaXRS: Idle to 9000rpm in 0.6s , Tiff isn't a normal driver but he still can't drive LFA easily , how could a normal LFA driver drive it ? haha Honestly , I seriously don't like EPS because they always causing road feel gone ...
  19. Just wondering almost all the reviews I've read the LFA has been criticized for its electronic steering. Why is it so bad?? Why did Lexus opt to go for this IF it is bad? Thanks
  20. @primatives: Most reviews praise the quickness and preciseness of the steering. Funny how I have read several reviews of the 458 where they criticized it for "lack of feel" as well. No other review has criticized the steering of LFA. Everyone is fine with it. This is the first one that talks about "feel" because they were looking for an excuse to fault the LFA. In small tight British roads also only. Precision is what truly matters while the whole "feel" is just a journalist cr*p.
  21. One example here from Evo magazine. You can see 458 is getting criticized for "lack of steering feel": " He doesn’t say that the Ferrari 458 is less of a car because of all the controls and lack of steering feel, but there is something there that the Ferrari doesn’t have."
  22. The only problem I am seeing here is Lexus LFA's gearing is too tall. The final drive ratio of the 458 is simply insane. I have never seen a final drive of 5.18:1 in a car before. The LFA has a final drive of 3.4:1. The gearing needs to be shortened from 1st - 5th to increase torque multiplication. If Lexus can throw a 7th gear in and shorten the 1st 5 gears and the acceleration will be insanely fast hitting 60 mph in 3.1 - 3.2 seconds.
  23. RDS

    @RollaXRS: Don't forget Double Clutch Gearbox helped on acceleration much much more than Automated Manual Gearbox ... Final Gear Ratio like that is easily seems on Toyota's race car (N2 AE86 is example) but not road car like Ferrari 458 Italia ... I remember AutoCar had tested LFA before & they said the car is good (forget what they really said but I remember it's positive side) .
  24. @RDS: Yeah, but I don't care for double clutch. All double clutch sound and feel like automatics and the shift speed is not that far apart. The double clutch also is not good for the race track since it always pre selects the next gear and if you go against its expectation it gets confused for one second and then shuffles the right gear in.
  25. If you read this review, it says LFA's shift speed is brutal in the fastest setting. In normal auto mode, they complain it is too slow so there is no happy medium. The LFA single clutch manual is a great gearbox focused towards driving experience rather than an automatic like slushy and vague sound and experience.
  26. I'd be happy owning any of these - but I know which one will be the most reliable... The Lexus - year in, year out, it would be a pleasure to OWN, not just drive for a day...