2011 Lexus IS F-Sport Package

Lexus IS 350 F-Sport Package

Lexus USA will be offering an F-Sport option package on all RWD IS 250/IS 350s that borrows from the IS F — here’s what’s included:

  • An all-new suspension with tuned steering
  • New 18″ alloy wheels with a dark super-chrome finish
  • A front lip spoiler and a rear deck spoiler
  • Dark super-chrome front grille
  • F Sport heated front seats with a microfiber insert and leather side bolsters
  • Aluminum Sport Pedals with Rubber Inserts
  • IS F styled steering wheel
  • F Sport badging on the steering wheel, shift knob and doorsill scuff plates

The IS F’s Ultrasonic Blue color will also be available with the F-Sport package, here’s the full gallery:

I’m pretty impressed with the full package, and I’m a big fan of the wheel design. Price is of yet unannounced.


  1. RDS

    I like it very very much ! Seriously , still can't replace my belove LFA .
  2. So its like getting the IS-F without the performance...
  3. It's here at last! I've been dreaming of this color on an IS for such a long time...and it even has those F badges and blue metal interior. I am officially satisfied.
  4. And just in time..I'll be getting my license in little under 2 years...and straight A's means whatever car I want...hmm...:-D
  5. @LFAaddict: whatever car you want, and you pick a fake is-f? seriously kid...go for something awesome like a maserati mc-12 =P
  6. It does kind of look like the ISF with the color but I wouldn't call it a "fake ISF." The ISF has different styling that makes the ISF obviously look like an ISF. Maybe Lexus will show some more info on a 2011 ISF soon. I'm thinking about getting a IS as well but I think this package would be a bit expensive. I would be interested in getting the wheels, front lip, and rear spoiler separately though. Anyone have any idea when to expect the 2011 IS to hit dealerships?
  7. @Pete: Well, not exactly WHATEVER I want. If that was the case, I would pick an LFA XD. Or an F430. ;-). But good point, the ISF question is a good one...
  8. @Wunko: yeah i was a bit harsh with the "Fake IS-F" comment, but its basically an is-f for the people who dont want the V8 or the higher pricetag..i work at a dealerhip..the new models tend to come in around november
  9. and upon further inspection, i know the microfiber inserts are awesome when it comes to keeping you in your seat on the track, but damn those things are like lint magnets and tend to wear out really quick..i wonder why they didnt just go with all leather like on the F?
  10. I like it. The plastic-metal interior pieces look al...right...
  11. does anyone else see a toyota corolla?
  12. What I meant was, does anyone think the new front resembles the corolla?
  13. @Chris: That's something that is bound to happen. But imo, the Lexus has slightly more sophistication.
  14. @WorldofLuxury: sorry but I had to do this 5 min photoshop. Is it wrong that I think the corolla front might just look better?
  15. @Chris: You see, BMW and Mercedes-Benz don't have to deal with that... They just design whatever they feel looks best. MINI and SMART and Rolls Royce and Maybach (somewhat an exception) can just be themselves. Quite and unfortunate thing, isn't it? Anyways, yes, I think it is very wrong :-)
  16. Does anyone else this these wheels looks VERY SIMILAR to Fiveaxis S5:f ??
  17. it even has those F badges and blue metal interior. I am officially satisfied.
  18. @Pete: Yeah, since the F-Sport package will be priced in between the IS350 and ISF so I could see what you mean. Let's hope the ISF will have some restyling though to separate it from the F-Sport IS350 but it might not happen. I'll definitely check the dealership later this year then. If I did get the F-Sport package I'd probably go for a dark metallic gray color and not the ISF blue. Unless there was a dark metallic blue color but there is none so far.
  19. @Chris: I didn't notice at first but wasn't surprised when people started pointing that out. Like WorldofLuxury said, there was a good chance it'd happen.
  20. If I could just get this color on any IS, I wouldn't bother with the F sport.