2011 Lexus IS Update?

By way of Chinese website Sohu, here’s a sneak peek at what’s just may be the 2011 Lexus IS:

2011 Lexus IS Refresh

2011 Lexus IS Refresh Rear

2011 Lexus IS Interior Refresh

There’s plenty of tweaks here:

  • The LED daytime running lights first seen on the 2010 LS have been incorporated into the headlights.
  • The steering wheel will be getting some new accents, and a chrome strip has been added above the glovebox.
  • The new wheel pattern has a similar look to the LFA’s design.
  • The fog lights have been redesigned along with the bumper inset.
  • The tail lights have been reworked.

All in all, it’s a subtle update bringing the IS more in-line with the updates received throughout the lineup. I’m really liking the LED headlight design, and the new wheels are top-notch.

The last IS update happened in the 2009 model year, so if this minor facelift proves to be legitimate, it would suggest that the current IS will remain in the lineup until 2012 — which would certainly fit with the idea that the next-generation GS will be in the 2011 spotlight.

Update: Turns out Adaptive Cruise Control is already available in most markets — I’ve updated the post to reflect that.

[Source: XCar.com.cn] (Thanks Youyou!)


  1. I wish Lexus would keep going with these exterior details, like those interesting air intakes below the grille; I wonder how that foglight design affects aerodynamics. Overall, pretty nice Although I've never been a big fan of taillights with inconsistent designs or the fact that their looks at night don't represent their actual designs.
  2. Hi Krew! Ty for a great website. The ACC has been in Eu for many ears, and what about the taillights? They looks like tel old one. But i love the front LED lights, the L is everywhere in the designe. PS, any news on the new GS??? Keep up the good work.
  3. RDS

    The DRL just like the on the new CT !
  4. RDS

    I hope the 4th Gen. GS can keep the 4-eyes like current one and last generation one !
  5. I like the current tail lights better.
  6. Here in New Zealand, we've also had the radar cruise control option on the IS since its launch! Here are a few more tweaks that I (and probably several of you already) have spotted: The silver surround on the steering wheel controls The gauges appear to have chrome rings added There is a new metallic trim strip above the glovebox. Nice subtle additions!
  7. Adaptive radar control has always been an option here in the US as well (with the automatic). It's an odd set of features on that IS. There's the expensive radar cruise control and navigation, but lacks the premium/luxury package.
  8. Radar cruise has always been available. I have it on my 2007 IS350. The only way to get it is to custom order it. I'm not sure what Hunter Ford means by an IS with radar cruise not having the luxury package. My car has everything from Mark Levinson to head light washers.
  9. @Hunter Ford: The headlight washers usually come with the LUXURY package so this IS HAS the luxury pkg most likely. Also, the tailights are EXACTLY the same as my 2009 IS tailights. They need to do better with the Rims though. As usual, they are plain and unappealing. Hopefully the new IS350 AWD will have nicer rims.
  10. @lexusjoe: The 2009 update to the IS tail lights had yellow markers: Also, it looks like a column of LEDs have been removed from the tail light -- perhaps to make room for a rear foglight?
  11. Thanks everyone for letting me know about the Adaptive Cruise Control -- I've updated the post.
  12. I might get a 2011 IS350 if this comes to the US! I don't really like the front bumper or the emblem on the front grille though based on these pictures. If the front bumper is changed like in the picture then it looks like aftermarket companies are gonna have to make bodykits all over again.
  13. @Wunko: The front emblem doesn't look like that on one without adaptive cruise.
  14. @krew:you know what? I forgot that because my tailights are blacked out anyway lol.Thanks for reminding me..and I like the current LED look, although the intake area around the front foglights reminds me a little bit of the IS-F which can't be a bad thing.
  15. Can't say that I like what they have done with the steering wheel...looks like it has been ripped out of an Auris...other than that it looks sharp...love the looks of the IS!!
  16. white turn signals- i'm crossing my fingers for red LED turn signals instead of orange, or even orange LED's. can't wait to see the daytime running lights in action. Plus, I think there's a little accent of silver on the left of the push start ignition; pretty sure my IS doesn't have it. ;-)
  17. I like the updated looks. I wonder when it hits dealers as well as other models (specifically the RX H)
  18. hi .. u guy make any LED light for LEXUS GX10 or GX11 SUV ? i would like to buy some if u have it.. please let me know...thky p.s. Jason8-)
  19. Wasn't quite sure where to post this link, but as a regular to lexus enthusiast I thought this was a weird bit of lexus news (http://www.planestrainsautomobiles.co.uk/automobiles/a-strange-week-for-lexus-uk-news) Having not seen the last gen IS for a while, it's still a beautiful looking car!
  20. when are they ever going to fix the brake dust problem with the front wheels. You shouldn't have to visit a car wash simply because Lexus engineers can't figure out how to prevent black sooty brake dust from ruining the appearence of your front rims. Also, another inch to half inch of head room is needed for driver's who are upto 6'4". Not a lot, but a half inch would do it. Or just allow the seat to go lower, it's too high off the ground.