Lexus Hybrid Braking Safety Video

In response to media stories of vehicle acceleration, Lexus has released this video clarifying the stopping procedure for hybrid models:

From this video, it is made clear that:

  • 1) All Lexus hybrids have a brake override system, which cuts power to the engine when the accelerator and brake pedals are simultaneously pressed.
  • 2) Lexus vehicles can be shifted into neutral at any time (for the HS, holding the joystick at N for a second is needed).
  • 3) As a last resort, the push-button ignition can be held for 3 seconds to cut off engine power (power steering and brake assist will also be removed, but the brakes and steering will still work with more effort).
  • Overall, the most sensible option in any unintended acceleration incident, in any car, is to shift to neutral and brake firmly.