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Inside Line Tests the Lexus GX 460

Edmunds Inside Line recently put the Lexus GX 460 to a full test, seeking to determine whether the mid-size luxury utility vehicle successfully combines off-roading prowess and multi-purpose convenience—first off, here’s their video feature:

Much of the test is devoted to the GX 460’s technological and performance features, including:

The GX 460’s optional Crawl Control program does eliminate the need to think in some situations. It is to off-roading what the Lexus Advanced Parking Guidance system is to parallel parking.

Just look at that hill coming up. It’s steep. It’s dirt. There are ruts in it. If we lose traction in the middle of it, we just might have to push the Lexus Enform system’s Safety Connect button and call for help because there’s a drop-off on either side.

So we shift the GX 460 into its low range, engage crawl control, remove feet from brake and gas, and wait. Sure enough, the GX begins to climb at a steady rate, as Crawl Control modulates the SUV’s ABS, traction control (A-TRAC) and electronic throttle. We can hear the clatter of solenoids and hydraulic actuators under the hood. All we have to do is steer and adjust the speed via a toggle switch. It works just as magically going back down — Crawl Control is hill descent control that has evolved into adaptive off-road cruise control.

The review notes that the GX 460’s body-on-frame architecture and new V8 engine offer advantages, ranging from a 6,500-pound towing capacity to a “respectable” 7.9 second 0-60 time.  The ride quality and handling were found to be an improvement over the prior GX 470, while the flatter second row seat (with folding capability) and small third row were critiqued.  Overall, the GX 460 was found to be an “image” vehicle, capable for wilderness or suburban adventures.

[Source: Inside Line]

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