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EVO Magazine Reviews the 2010 Lexus IS F

For 2010, the Lexus IS-F gained a Torsen Limited Slip Differential (LSD), and EVO magazine has put the revised model to a road test.  The Torsen LSD helped shave 2 seconds off the IS-F’s track times at Fuji Speedway, and on UK roads, EVO seemed impressed with the results.  Here’s how they described it:

In a word, even better. The electronic diff in the previous IS-F was just a part of its stability system, braking a spinning inside wheel, but not doing much to help traction. You’d come out of a corner and sense the car holding back slightly, before snapping straight as the brake released and firing forwards down the next straight, 5.0-litre V8 snarling away. It was a neat party trick in its own right and we loved the way it drove, but it didn’t flow nearly as well as this version.

What strikes you first is not only how much earlier you can get on the power, but how much harder. The rear end stays faithful for a long time and when the lateral forces do finally overcome the diff’s tenacious hold, the IS-F slides very progressively. OK, if you give it a bootful in second gear you’ll need to be quick with the lock, but on a cross-country strop it feels playful and well balanced, feeding the power in smoothly and consistently.

The latest IS-F continues to receive an enthusiastic response, with EVO awarding it their full five-star rating.  The Torsen LSD on the new IS-F replaces the previous electric LSD function, which was part of the car’s Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) stability control system. Reviewer Ollie Marriage hopes that the new IS-F will find favorable buyer reception in a “post Lexus LFA world”, and adds that it compares well with its BMW and Mercedes-Benz rivals.  Also of note, like other Lexus Europe models, the navigation no longer has a motion lockout. 

[Source: EVO]

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