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Lexus LFA @ The Detroit Auto Show

Lexus LFA @ The Detroit Auto Show

After a concentrated effort, I finally got through all of my Lexus LFA photos from the Detroit Auto Show—seeing the LFA for the first time was a funny experience. After all the hours writing about it, poring over photos, watching videos, there wasn’t much room for surprise—or so I thought.

From a distance, the LFA was exactly as it’s shown in any photo, but up close—the level of detail is just amazing. The exposed carbon fiber, the wheels and their giant red callipers, even the mesh for the intakes—there isn’t a square inch on the supercar that isn’t visually explosive. Photographing those tiny details was easily the best part of the Auto Show and the reason I had so many photos to go through:

Lexus LFA light detail

Lexus LFA Carbon detail

As for the rest of the photos: