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Lexus RX 450h Enters MPG Marathon

Every year, UK magazine Fleet World holds the MPG Marathon, a fuel economy “race” where the best MPG result wins. As part of the event this year, Lexus UK entered a RX 450h, and turned in a very good result:

… the full hybrid Lexus returned an average 54.75mpg over more than 350 miles of driving on regular A and B-class roads, a figure that marks a 20 per cent improvement on its official combined cycle figure.

The British MPG is different than in the U.S., and translated equals 45.58mpg, which is almost 17mpg better than the EPA rating. It still wasn’t enough to win the event, though, that honor went to the SMART Fortwo Coupe CDI, which achieved 96.81mpg(80.6mpg U.S.).

(By coincidence, I was driving an RX 450h last week as well, where I almost managed to hit the EPA with 28.6mpg U.S.. Even so, I found it pretty impressive, considering I wasn’t holding back at all.)

[Source: Lexus & Fleet World]

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