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Lexus LF-Ch Hatchback Concept Teaser

A new image of the Lexus premium compact hatchback has been released (click for a larger image):

In keeping with Lexus’ concept naming convention, the compact hatchback has been named the LF-Ch. It sports the usual concept car conceits like massive chromed wheels and tiny video-camera rearview mirrors, along with a elaborately sculptured rear bumper that’s unlikely to make production.

Beyond that, the LF-Ch takes plenty of design cues from the existing lineup, expertly integrating the usual Lexus door panel treatments along with the 3G RX rear window design.

From the press release:

  • Premium compact concept with Lexus Hybrid Drive
  • Practical 5-door body, meeting the core needs of customers in the premium compact market

Reinforcing Lexus’ position as the only manufacturer to offer a range of hybrid vehicles, the LF-Ch concept will make its world premiere the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

LF-Ch combines stylish design and full hybrid technology in a practical 5-door compact package to fulfil the needs of the most demanding premium compact segment customers.

Benefiting from an electric-only driving capability, a key feature of Lexus Hybrid Drive, LF-Ch will allow for virtually silent urban driving with zero emissions.

Detailed information and images of the Lexus LF-Ch will be released on 10 September 2009.

[Source: Lexus]