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Lexus LS & GS Going Hybrid-Only in UK

According to Autocar, Lexus UK will be dropping the conventional gas versions of the LS & GS:

The GS and LS ranges now consist of one model each – the GS450h and L600h – and Lexus will only sell the new RX as a hybrid in the UK (it is available with the petrol V6 in the US).

A Lexus source described the decision as “a logical move for the company”.

The IS will continue to be offered with petrol & diesel engines, though previous rumors suggest that Lexus will be releasing that model as a hybrid soon enough.

It’s an interesting strategy by Lexus UK, and one that makes a lot of sense. With the brand continuing to struggle in Europe, this simplified lineup allows Lexus to focus on hybrid as the key selling point without having to justify its extra cost. Smart move.

[Source: Autocar]

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