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My.IS Reviews the Lexus HS 250h

With the release of the Lexus HS 250h coming closer and closer, there will be more and more reviews of the new hybrid sedan to pore over, but it’s unlikely any of them will touch the depth and detail shown by My.IS editor Joaquín Ruhi. Weighing in at over 5,000 words, his review has plenty of info—here are some quotes:

In his presentation, [HS Chief Engineer Hiroyuki] Koba-san reveals that “I thought of myself not as a chief engineer but as a conductor, trying to direct the different amounts of each concept element into a balanced symphony, one that would end in the creation of a harmonious sedan, the HS…A Lexus symphony would not be complete without an infusion of luxury. We were focused on creating a feel befitting the first-ever luxury dedicated hybrid.”

A traffic stop allowed us to hit the EV button…and I made every effort to keep it under 20 mph. To further the cause, we turned off the radio and the air conditioning. Fortunately, a parking lot in the environs of the University of California’s Irvine campus allowed us to unobtrusively and silently creep along, as if driving the world’s fanciest golf cart…At that point, we scrolled through the trip computer, which revealed that, over a 6.4-mile drive, I’d averaged an eye-popping 73.4 miles per gallons.

This is a must read for anyone considering the HS 250h, there’s simply no easier way to get the full story of what to expect when the hybrid sedan finally goes on sale later this summer.

Visit My.IS for the full review.

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