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Lexus LS Sport Rumors

Late last year, there was a rumor that Lexus was planning a performance-oriented variant of the LS 460, and today there’s more information to back it up.

According to Japanese magazine Best Car (by way of 4wheelnews), there are plans to release the curiously named LS SZ, which will be an LS souped up with a new body kit, black chrome grille, a Brembo braking system and a set of wheels designed by BBS. No mention was made of an engine upgrade, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see a version of the IS-F’s 5L V8 under the hood.

The exact price of $94,425 USD was even included, which would make it a bargain compared to the S63’s $126,000 USD price tag.

The only question so far is: why the new SZ naming scheme? My only thought is that this will be the designation in Japan, with something less confusing for the rest of the world. Really, if it has the same assortment of modifications as the IS-F, why not just call it the LS-F?

(One thing’s for sure, the accompanying image is fake, it’s a photochop of the very same image I use as my Twitter icon.)

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