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My.IS Reviews the Lexus IS Convertible

It’s unlikely that we’ll see a more thorough review of the Lexus IS-C than the one by Joaquin from My.IS, who dives into every conceivable feature of the new convertible:

We left the top down, intrigued to see if Lexus’ efforts to ensure that top-down motoring was a quiet, relaxing and unruffled experience were successful. And, indeed, they were. Ryan and I were able to talk in a normal tone of voice without needing to shout or raise our voices to be heard over the din of wind roar.

The much-loved and highly convenient one-touch-up and down feature for all windows that is a given on all newer Lexus models is only half-present on the IS C…Should you want to raise or lower the rear side windows, you’ll have to do each one individually, and keep your finger in each switch until it’s fully up or down.

As can be expected from a website that focuses primarily on the Lexus IS, the sheer level of detail is astounding, and I recommend anyone looking at the IS-C to read this comprehensive look at Lexus’ latest model.

One special photo to note is of the accessory windscreen, which cuts down on wind noise:

Lexus IS Convertible Windscreen

Awkward looking, but apparently successful in reducing top-down cabin noise.

[Source: My.IS]

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