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Car & Driver Reviews the Lexus HS 250h

With all the reviews of the Lexus HS250h coming out, there was bound to be one that took the negative view—and surprise of surprises, it’s Car & Driver:

The good news is that the HS250h offers a lot more luxury fitments than we usually associate with hybrids. Problem is, so does the 2010 Prius. The list of features that comes standard on the HS is long, but not much longer than that of a reasonably well-optioned Prius.’s hard to say that the HS250h does the hybrid thing—i.e. get great mileage and make splashy green statements—as well as the Prius, nor does it do the luxury thing as well as other Lexuses. It is less practical than the Prius while returning exactly as much driving satisfaction—which is to say very little—all without the green-halo effect that has made the Prius the favorite of the environmentally inclined.

Indeed, if the HS250h isn’t going to drive any better than the Prius, we’d rather have the mileage—and the lower monthly payment—of a Prius instead.

Comparing the Prius and the HS 250h is one thing, but the idea that the HS isn’t heads above the Prius in terms of amenities and luxury appointments is misleading. Here are just some differences between the two models:

HS 250h Toyota Prius
2.4L Atkinson Cycle engine (187hp) 1.8L Engine (134hp)
Heads up display N/A
Heated/Ventilated Seats N/A
4 wheel independent suspension torsion beam rear suspension
Remote Touch Controller with Lexus Enform & Safety Connect Touch screen with Safety Connect
4yr/50k Basic Warranty & 6yr/70k Powertrain 3yr/36k Basic Warranty & 5yr/60k Powertrain

Not to say that each model doesn’t have it’s own pros & cons, but Car & Driver’s continued bias against Lexus, even contrary to real facts, does nothing but confuse their readers.

[Source: Car & Driver & Club Lexus]

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