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Rumormill: The Lexus IS-F Evo Strikes Again

JDM blog 7tune has pushed out a rumor that the Lexus IS-F Evolution, the unconfirmed, carbon-fiber-covered editon of the IS-F, will be limited to 500 units and will cost a staggering $250,000USD. From the source:

Focus has not changed much either with previous reports of the new body losing 140kg all round and dropping to a total weight of 1550kg still holding true. All other specs such as the 423ps V8, carbon brakes, carbon interior and updated front/rear+blistered fenders have also been confirmed…the car will now only be limited to a special production run of just 500 units worldwide!…the IS-F will come in at US$250,000, a cool $50,000 higher than first expected.

The idea that Lexus would take the IS-F, add 7 hp, cut 300lbs, and then boost the price up $200,000 is just plain ludicrous. The extremely small production run does make it slightly less fantastical, considering it would practically be a collectible off the factory floor and there’s certainly always a market for rarity.

Very little chance of this rumor being accurate, though.

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